2018 Sunday Services



2018 January 01, New Year's Day

2018 January 07
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"For Faith is a Gift from God: Religious Toleration"

Come celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda, essentially the first act of religious toleration in the western world. It was a decree issued in the Kingdom of Transylvania in 1568 authorizing local communities to freely elect preachers, allow the public discussion of dogma, and prohibit the persecution of individuals on religious grounds.

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: CD.

2018 January 06, Epiphany

2018 January 14
Sara Henderson
"Redistricting Reforms To Strengthen One Person, One Vote Democracy"

Sara will explain how reforming the process for defining voting districts after each census works to ensure that districts have equal voting population, providing individual voters with equal representation.

Service Leader: Melba Gandy. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 January 15, Monday, Martin Luther King Day

2018 January 21
Ken Sizemore
"Ken's Original Music: Songs Of My Family and Friends"

During this musical morning Ken will share memories seen through rose colored glasses. There will be songs about high school romance, best buddies for life, the miracle of finding SUSIE, the amazing and supernaturally brilliant Sizemore boys, a "Music Man" dad who did not actually exist, and a tongue-in-cheek look at the generation gap as demonstrated by musical trends and tastes. This program will be unabashedly sentimental.

Service Leader: Sam Davis. Music: Ken Sizemore (guitar). Potluck.

2018 January 28
Chuck Cogliandro and the Emerson Drummers
"Kumandi Drums & Healing"

The Emerson Drummers have 21 years together. The group honors the deep cultural roots of the people of West Africa, from whom the music comes and for whom the music provides strength, connection, life force and celebration.

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE & Potluck.

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2018 February 01, National Freedom Day

2018 February 02, Groundhog Day

2018 February 04
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"The Ethical Use of Power"

The news media has recently been filled with stories of powerful people who abused their authority and position. Each of us may find ourselves in situations every day where we wield power. How can we be more aware of these situations and more aware of how we wield power in our personal and public lives?

Service Leader: Terry Woehr. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 February 11
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"Remembering Robert Low"

We will have a celebration of life service for Robert Low, conducted at Mountain Light by Dr. Barry Whittemore. The service will begin at 10:30, with friends gathering for coffee at 10:00.

Robert Low, an active and valued member of Mountain Light since 2014, passed away on December 29. Robert had been our service leader and soloist on occasion. Robert and Ann (wife) were married at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta 47 years ago. Robert and Ann have a daughter, Meagan, residing in Decatur.

Robert was active in rescuing Great Pyrenees dogs, which he loved to train as therapy dogs and take to visit nursing homes and libraries in Ellijay. He was, also, involved in American Legion, Friends of Gilmer Animal Shelter, and many other civic groups.

The memorial service will be followed by lunch at Mountain Light. Members and friends are asked to bring vegetables, salad, or dessert to share.

Music: Recorded. Potluck/Reception.

2018 February 14, Valentine's Day, Ash Wednesday

2018 February 18
Pastor Lord David-Michael Searcy
"Be My Valentine"

Valentine's Day is a time to tell our loved ones, as well as friends with whom we may not agree, that we love them. It is a time to practice Jesus's commandments to love God, love your neighbor, and to practice Buddha's teachings of compassion for all human beings regardless of nationality, religion, race, gender, creed, or sexual creation. We all want to live in oneness and harmony as one world under God/Goddess.

Service Leader: Collen Burdick. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 February 19, Presidents' Day

2018 February 25
Ron Sturgis
"Spirituality and Personality Type"

Ron Sturgis discussed the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and how Personality Types influence personal growth and spirituality. In addition, he discussed the relationship between personality type and religious preference and also how different personalities approach spiritual practice. Finally, he will have a discussion with the congregation about how personality type can be used to better understand and empathize with each other at MLUU.

Service Leader: Laura Sturgis. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

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2018 March 02, Read Across America Day

2018 March 04
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"Stories, Psalms, and Spring: Coping with the Present, Hope for the Future"

Rev. Barry Whittemore, a UU minister, was our guest speaker.

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: CD.

2018 March 11, DST begins
Rev. Marti Keller
"Eloquent Rage"

Regardless of gender, we receive persistent messages about the folly of, the downside of anger. A couple of years back a documentary film chronicled the history of righteous anger when women sought the right to vote, the right of reproductive choice. It was titled "She's Beautiful When She's Angry". This year, one of the most anticipated new books was "Eloquent Rage", celebrating the power behind the activism of black women. What are the lessons for all of us?

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 March 17, St. Patrick's Day

2018 March 18
Rev. Scott Dillard
"To Grow Spiritually We Must Embrace Change"

In this service, Scott will lead us to look at change as a necessary concept in the quest for spiritual growth. To inspire growth, change is not an end in itself, nor does it mean jumping from one point of view to another just for the sake of transient experience of something different. Productive change is a disciplined, conscientious process that creates an upward spiral of progressive transitions that lead to broader, deeper understanding and richer relationships.

Service Leader: Kathy Romanick. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 March 20, Spring Equinox

2018 March 25, Palm Sunday
John Pavlovitz
"A Bigger Table"

Friend, the heart of the bigger table is the realization that we don’t have to share someone’s experience to respect their road. As we move beyond the lazy theology and easy caricatures that seek to remove any gray from people’s lives, we can meet them in that grayness, right where they are without demanding that they become something else in order to earn proximity to us or to a God who loves them dearly. Just as was true in the life and ministry of Jesus, real love is not contingent upon alteration, it simply is. There is no earning of fellowship or deserving of closeness; there is only the invitation itself and the joy that comes when you are fully seen and fully heard.

Service Leader: Laura Sturgis. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE & Potluck.

2018 March 31, First Day of Passover

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2018 April 01, Easter
Rev. Lord David-Michael Searcy
"If You're Out There"

We are the risen Christ, and we are ready to shake the world and help the human family to Believe again, because it starts within. We don't have to wait for destiny; we should be the change that we want to see. If you're out there, you're ready to reach out and touch somebody's hand and make this world a better place, because we can.

This will be an Easter Sunrise Service, held at the home of Terry and Ted Woehr in Coosawattee River Resort. Please let them know if you plan to attend so that your name will be on the guest list at the gate.

Service Leader: Terry Woehr. Music: CD. Potluck.

2018 April 07, Last Day of Passover

2018 April 08
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"It's All Relational"

Our seventh principle tells us we affirm and promote "respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part." Can we imagine how this web connects the human species, how we are living consistently in relationship with each other and the world around us? Is our relationship with the world healthy? What about our relationships with one another? Can we learn to tend our relationships in the same way we tend the earth?

Service Leader: Geraldine Barker. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 April 13, Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

2018 April 15
Ed Wolpert
"How Could This Have Happened - Why the Jews?"

This service will be devoted to Holocaust Remembrance and Anti-semitism. There will be a special candle lighting and poem in memory of the nine million killed in the Holocaust, including six million Jews, as well as homosexuals, gypsies, and political dissidents.

There will be a brief reading from a booklet published by David Bergman entitled, "My Testimony and Legacy". David passed away at the end of January 2018 at the age of 86 - a Holocaust Survivor and lifelong Holocaust educator. He was taken to Auschwitz and other death camps from the age of twelve in 1944 until the end of World War II.

Service Leader: Karl Seidman. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck. Youth RE.

2018 April 16 Emancipation Day

2018 April 17, Tax Day

2018 April 22, Earth Day
Gayle Wood
"This Is NOT Your Mother's Pledge Drive"

This unique service will feature four mystery speakers that illustrate the value of Mountain Light and Unitarianism in the north Georgia communities.

As we consider committing our time, talent, and treasures to Mountain Light, we support our fifth principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.

Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 April 27, Arbor Day

2018 April 29
Rob Mishler
"Earth Week Program"

Rob is an experienced environmental political and social activist with Greening Georgia. He will focus on the top five environmental topics important to our state, from fracking to deforestation and coal dumping. The environmental advocacy program he will explain rests on the understanding that everyone agrees that clean air and water are fundamental rights to be shared by all and that exercising these rights will create jobs in research in new technologies, manufacturing, and construction.

Service Leader: Colleen Burdick. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

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2018 May 01, May Day

2018 May 05, Cinco de Mayo

2018 May 06, National Nurses Day
Aimee Cribbs
"Flower Communion"

Join us as our youth lead us through an annual UU ceremony, our special Flower Communion. Bring a flower to share. Express yourself: wildflowers, flower buds, and twigs all represent nature’s beauty so there is no need for store-bought bouquets. Come prepared to be renewed, rejuvenated, and inspired. We’ll have readings from classic children’s literature and a familiar song or two.

Our Youth RE Director, Dr. Aimee Cribbs, will present an all-ages sermon, entitled: “What Do God and Moms Have in Common?” In the sermon, Aimee will explore how her ideas of God and what it means to be a mother “grew up” along with her. Sunday’s message is one for mothers, but it also is for the children who love them. Since the message is being delivered by an educator with 20 years of elementary teaching experience, expect some fun twists and turns.

Service Leader: Hope Cribbs. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 May 13, Mother's Day
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Your Momma Raised You Right"

Both our actual mothers and our ideal sense of what a mother should or could be are worthy of our celebration. Motherhood is a sense of caring, nurturing, and inspiration which is, perhaps, our first glimpse into the divine. Today's sermon will celebrate that spirit of the Mother!

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 May 15, Peace Officers Memorial Day, Ramadan starts

2018 May 19, Armed Forces Day

2018 May 20, Pentecost, Shavuot
Laura Burton
"Poverty in America"

Mountain Light member Laura Burton will revisit poverty in America with an analysis of how the new tax code, the federal budget, and current policies are working to create widespread poverty

Service Leader: Ed Wolpert. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 May 22, Harvey Milk Day, National Maritime Day, GA Primary Election

2018 May 25, National Missing Children's Day

2018 May 27
Pastor Lord David-Michael Searcy
"Let the Light in, LightWorker, and Awaken"

As Lightworkers, we live our Lightworkers Creed. Our purpose is to serve others, to contribute our hearts to the world, and to raise consciousness. How are you practicing being of service? What energies do you bring into this world? What are you already being in your personal life that you love? As it turns out, the awakening will be your own. The light will first shine in your own shadow places, your, self stuff. As you clear and free yourself, you then move into your Authentic self, and now you are able to assist other's in being Clear, Free, and Authentic Lightworkers.

Service Leader: Bruce Wood. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 May 28, Memorial Day

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2018 June 03
Gayle Wood
Annual Meeting

Our President, Gayle Wood, will deliver the "State of the Church" address. The Treasurer, Terry Woehr, will update the congregation on our finances. We will vote on whether or not to return the Board of Directors to seven members, and then elect the new Board..

Service Leader: Bruce Wood. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 June 06, D-Day

2018 June 10, Lailat al-Qadr
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Welcoming The Marginalized"

How do we bring those who have been historically marginalized in the church into the community? What does it look like to create a space where all are welcomed and valued as members of that community? We will explore what we can do to help facilitate a more welcoming and inclusive church.

Service Leader: Laura Sturgis. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 June 14, Flag Day, Ramadan ends

2018 June 15, Eid al-Fitr

2018 June 17, Father's Day
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"Honoring Our Fathers"

Today's sermon will focus on the idea of toxic masculinity and how gender stereotypes are harmful not just to our daughters but also to our sons. Does today's society celebrate toxic masculinity while failing to celebrate the masculine? Can we honor our fathers by creating more choices for our sons?

Service Leader: Karl Seidman. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 June 19, Juneteenth (Emancipation Day)

2018 June 20, American Eagle Day

2018 June 21, Summer Solstice

2018 June 24
Dr. Terri Thrower
"Unruly Bodies: Embracing (and Sharing) our Unique Stories"

Our bodies (physical, mental, emotional) are continually changing, whether we like it or not. At some point, we are all touched by illness, disability, aging, or loss of function. But, how comfortable are we in talking about those inevitable changes? Fear, pity, and awkwardness often accompany conversations about disability, aging, and illness; leading to silence (and stigma) rather than understanding. And, if we can’t talk about these issues, how can we embrace our changing and changed selves or the changes in those we care about?

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: John Puett (piano).

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2018 July 01
Ken Sizemore
"Songs of Social Justice, the Wisdom of Youth"

Ken Sizemore, folk singer and guitarist, has been performing music all over the country for more than 40 years. His repertoire includes the "classic" folk music of the 50s, 60s, 70s and selections from pop artists and country greats.

Service Leader: Patrick Cavigliano. Music: John Puett (piano), Ken Sizemore (guitar).

2018 July 04, Independence Day

2018 July 08
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"Liberalism's Failure"

Dr. Whittemore will raise the issues of whether labels and categories really matter. What do they really mean? Are they useful or do they mask more important and deeper issues?

Service Leader: Ed Wolpert. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 July 15
"Speak with Bravest Fire"

Whilst powerful oratory stirs us to emotional heights, it is not the words alone but also the deeds that follow which put promises into action that inspire. However, powerful words and great acts are essentially meaningless if Love is not the intent that guides them.

Service Leader: Anthony Klimbal. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 July 22, Parents' Day, Tisha B'Av
Pastor Lord and High Priest David-Michael Searcy
"Teach Us To Pray"

Let us rediscover and enhance our spiritual practice to make the most of our quiet time of meditation, affirmation, and the power of Affirmative Prayer. Building our mental discipline will empower us to recognize Goddess/God and our oneness with this power and presence. We no longer approach prayer as the asking or demanding of a God who can give but as an understanding our At-One-Ment with God or our High Selves and allowing this unification with the One to move through us, as us, and through all of Life. And, So It Is!

Service Leader: Colleen Burdick. Music: CD.

2018 July 29
Lee Shiver
"Do Something"

Moved deeply by the many recent mass shootings in the United States, especially in schools like the murders in Parkland, Florida, Dr. Shiver will share his insights about the problem of gun violence and the refusal of our politicians to take rational action to reduce it. Lee will explain how it is morally incumbent upon all of us to do something about gun violence in general, and particularly about controlling the guns that enraged mass murderers are most likely to use to kill us. He will also explore how his moral arguments and practical recommendations reinforce and exemplify our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles.

Service Leader: Bruce Wood. Music: John Puett (piano).

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2018 August 05
Rev. Scott Dillard
"You've Got to Have Friends"

Rev. Scott Dillard will cover how friends are part of our life blood in traveling this world. We need them, seek them out, and lean on them. We strive to be good friends in turn. There is also a spiritual element to friendships which this sermon will explore.

Service Leader: Karl Seidman. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 August 12
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"The Only Thing We Have to Fear"

What motivates us in our daily lives? What do we fear? Our fears can block us from living our best lives. So, how do we overcome our fears and strive to live in the most mindful, most loving way in which we are capable?

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 August 15, Assumption of Mary

2018 August 19
Aimee Cribbs
"Faith, Facebook, and the Weight of Words"

In these trying times, our Seven Principles call upon us to uphold the democratic process. But what does that mean when it comes to social media and the inherent worth and dignity of all (including those with whom we disagree)? Dr. Cribbs will use ideas from this summer’s sermons by Scott Dillard, Dr. Barry Whittemore, and Kasey Castleberry, as well as the writing of John Pavolovitz, to explore this topic.

Service Leader: Kathy Romanick. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 August 21, Senior Citizens Day

2018 August 22, Eid al-Adha

2018 August 25, Raksha Bandhan

2018 August 26, Women's Equality Day
Mel Tidwell
"Loving Through Food"

Mountain Light member Mel Tidwell will be taking us on a journey of his life and love, from his roots on the family farm to his world travel and a life like a list of ingredients to be mixed and enjoyed at will. Come join us for a few laughs, a few tears, and a mix of stories from his life and how they have shaped his love of food and people.

Service Leader: Patrick Cavigliano. Music: John Puett (piano).

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2018 September 02, Janmashtami
Lorraine Jones
"2000 Years of Hell"

The religiously misinterpreted concept of hell may be the most emotionally and psychologically debilitating concept in human psychology, theology, and philosophy. It has produced a global psychosis that has crippled, and virtually paralyzed, the development of peaceful co-existence in our world. After almost 40 years of a superstitious belief in the doctrine of eternal judgment and physical torment, I stopped believing in such an aberrant concept. I know that we can have a positive, responsible, and spiritual life without the traditional teachings of infinite weeping, wailing, and gnashing of the teeth that those of us brought up in a fundamentalist religious tradition have been taught for the last 2000 years.

Service Leader: Shirley Center. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 September 03, Labor Day

2018 September 09, Grandparents' Day
Rev. Marti Keller
"I’m Sorry, So Sorry"

Rev. Keller's sermon will explore the real intention and requirements of people seeking forgiveness at this time for the wrongs of the past year. It may not be what you assume. Her sermon is very timely because September 09 marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holy Days known as the Days of Atonement.

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: CD. Youth RE.

2018 September 10, Rosh Hashana

2018 September 12, Muharram

2018 September 16
Dr. Ed Wolpert
"Israel in 2018: It's Complicated"

MLUUC member Ed Wolpert be focusing on the West Bank Settlements and Arab/Jewish/Palestinian relationships.

Service Leader: Colleen Burdick. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 September 17, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

2018 September 23, Fall Equinox
Dr. Aimee Cribbs & RE Youth
"Water Ceremony"

Join us on this first day of Autumn for our annual Water Ceremony, a tradition celebrated around the world by UUs. Bring a sample of water from your summer travels or a place that is special to you. Instead of a sermon, each member will be invited to come forward and pour their water into the communal vessel and share the story of it’s origin and significance. We will have “symbolic water” available for those who wish to share but do not have their own. The MLUUC youth will participate in this service.

Service Leader: Anthony Klimbal. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 September 24, First Day of Sukkot

2018 September 30, Gold Star Mother's Day, Last Day of Sukkot
Pastor Lord and High Priest David-Michael Searcy
"Before the Parade Passes By"

Being happy is truly a choice and a place of higher vibration, and we should choose to focus and vibrate on the good and the God within us. We are surrounded by blessings, but we sometimes focus on the lower vibrations of unhappiness and unworthiness. All of us are surrounded by challenges and difficulties, but it’s time for us to hold our heads up high and get some life back into our lives and feel our hearts come alive again. Before the Parade Passes By.

Service Leader: Terry Woehr. Music: John Puett (piano).

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2018 October 01, Shmini Atzeret, Child Health Day

2018 October 02, Simchat Torah

2018 October 04, Feast of St Francis of Assisi

2018 October 07
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"Coming Home to Universalism?"

Dr. Whittemore tells us that Unitarians and Universalists held different beliefs about ultimate destiny and who made the decisions; a theological conversation that was never held at the merger. Have we, and has our culture chosen the better path or not?

The strength of Rev. Whittemore’s sermons is his expertise in applying our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles to the process of spiritual growth, to which we all aspire in our own way, and to our personal systems of moral reasoning, which we use to live an honorable life and build our beloved community.

Service Leader: Helen Greene. Music: CD.

2018 October 08, Indigenous People's Day, Columbus Day

2018 October 09, Navaratri

2018 October 14
Ron Sturgis
"Suicide Prevention: How to Spot the Warning Signs and Save a Life!"

Dr. Sturgis will discuss reasons why people commit suicide, risk factors for suicide, warning signs, and how care-givers can detect and help those at risk for suicide. According to Dr. Sturgis, quite often there is the opportunity to save a life because there are suicidal people all around us in our everyday lives at work, church and in our communities.

Retired Navy Chaplain, (Commander) Dr. Ron Sturgis, has extensive experience conducting suicide prevention presentations for the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines Corps. In addition, he has also provided ministry for service and family members experiencing suicidal ideations as well as ministry for people grieving in the wake of a suicide.

Dr. Sturgis' degrees include a B.S. in Psychology, Master of Theology, Master of Divinity, and PhD in Psychology. Dr. Sturgis taught Psychology, Counseling, Life Coaching, and Military Resiliency courses for Liberty University Online following his retirement from the military.

Service Leader: Laura Sturgis. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 October 16, Boss's Day

2018 October 18, Dussehra

2018 October 21
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"Do You Know Any Men Who Never Raped Anyone? Me, Too."

Rev. Dalton will focus on the pervasive and pernicious idea that sexual assaults committed at a young age don’t matter, that it’s a function of a “boys will be boys” societal attitude. She argues that we all know that the vast majority of men were able to make it to adulthood without assaulting any women, and assuming that sexual assault is “just part of growing up” is an insult to all men. She will explain how the noxious notion of acceptability for any level of sexual assault is another cultural dragon that the Me Too movement and basic moral reasoning must slay.

Service Leader: Bruce Wood. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 October 28
Ann Low & Gayle Wood
"New Member Recognition"

Mountain Light UUC recognizes and introduces our members who have joined the congregation this past year.

Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 October 31, Halloween

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2018 November 01, All Saints' Day

2018 November 02, All Souls' Day

2018 November 04, DST ends
Ken Sizemore
"Sweet Harmonies for Social Justice – The Magical Music of Peter, Paul, and Mary"

"The Old Folkie" returns with a music service that correlates with the Unitarian-Universalist Second Principle of "Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations".

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: Ken Sizemore (guitar).

2018 November 06, Election Day, Diwali/Deepavali

2018 November 11
Bruce Wood
"Legitimate Target"

Bruce will discuss four main ideas with interconnected implications in his presentation. The first is the unique pledge veterans made upon enlistment to agree, in effect, to be legitimate targets in combat. It is morally and legally acceptable for soldiers of countries at war to kill each other. No other occupation requires its volunteers to place themselves in that seemingly contradictory position. Second, soldiers who merit the status of unit membership and serve together practice the unconditional acceptance of each other, even if they are very different and may not even like each other. That unconditional acceptance is the basis for the power of their camaraderie. Third, military service provides all of society with an example of the price of forgiveness, as former adversaries often traditionally learn to regard each other with grudging respect and the recognition of shared experience. Fourth, the laws of war serve as a special subset of the overall concept of the rule of law.

Service Leader: Karl Seidman. Music: recorded. Youth RE.

2018 November 12, Veterans Day

2018 November 18
Congregational Participation
"What I am Thankful For"

will lead our service as members of the congregation take turns sharing that for which they are thankful.

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 November 21, The Prophet's Birthday

2018 November 22, Thanksgiving Day

2018 November 23, Black Friday

2018 November 25
Pastor Lord and High Priest David-Michael Searcy
"Imagine What a Wonderful World We Live in"

Leaning on the beautiful lyrics of John Lennon's "Imagine" and Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" we do imagine a world with no possessions and no need for greed or hunger and a brotherhood of man as we see friends shaking hands saying: "How do you do?" But, what we are really saying is: "I Love You." You may say: "I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." Thank you, John and Louis, for giving us these living prayers. Blessed Be!

Service Leader: TBA. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 November 26, Cyber Monday

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2018 December 02, 1st Sunday of Advent
Leslie Wade
"no title yet"

No details yet.

Service Leader: TBA. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 December 03, Chanukah begins

2018 December 06, St Nicholas' Day

2018 December 07, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

2018 December 08, Feast of the Immaculate Conception

2018 December 09
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"Sitting in the Darkness"

We sit in the darkness, like our ancestors, awaiting the return of the sun. As we prepare for the longest night of the year and the return of the sun, can we quietly sit in the darkness?

Rev. Jennifer Dalton is currently ordained and recognized by the Alliance of Baptists and considers herself a Unitarian Universalist Baptist.

Service Leader: Mel Tidwell. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 December 10, Last Day of Chanukah

2018 December 16
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"Joy: The Third Sunday of Advent"

The four Sundays in the Advent season are themed peace, hope, joy, and love. We will delve into the joy of the season despite the troubled times in which we live.

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: John Puett (piano). Potluck.

2018 December 17, Wright Brothers Day, Pan American Aviation Day

2018 December 21, Winter Solstice

2018 December 23
"Edible Gift Exchange"

Congregants bring a simple, favorite food item as a gift exchange. We will share a brief story about why this particular food item is special to us when it is selected. There will be a special music presentation by Molly Jennings, a MLUUC member and vocal music student at Kennesaw State University.

Service Leader: Patrick Cavigliano. Music: John Puett (piano). Youth RE.

2018 December 24, Christmas Eve

2018 December 25, Christmas Day

2018 December 26, Kwanzaa begins (until JAN 01)

2018 December 30
Tom White
"U.S. Politics 2019: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

Our guest speaker, Tom White, will give a brief review of where we are and what to look for politically in 2019. Tom graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He was a volunteer for the John Kerry presidential candidate in Tampa and subsequently worked with the Obama campaign through Organizing For America as a community organizer. In 2017, he helped re-establish the Gilmer County Democrats. He currently serves as Vice-Chair and as the Gilmer Representative to the state party.

Service Leader: Terry Woehr. Music: John Puett (piano).

2018 December 31, New Year's Eve