2008 Sunday Services



2008 January 06
Peg Griffith
"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"

Peg Griffith is facilitating our "favorite readings". This Sunday we ask that each person bring a "favorite reading" to share. It can be poetry or prose, personally written or from famous literature. The source does not matter; the fact that it is your favorite is what is important.

Please limit the reading to one minute or less. After each reading we'll discuss it.

2008 January 13
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Communicating With Your Heart"

This sermon looks at a variety of ways in which we interact with one another in an attitude of spiritual solidarity. Meditation, nonviolent communication, and mantras are a number of the ways we can communicate to others their worth and importance in our lives.

2008 January 20
Donna Waddell
"What's God Got to Do with It?"

Join us this Sunday for a spirited discussion of "god" – what is it? Who is it? Does it matter? How?

2008 January 27
Gary Kaupman
"What Was (S)he Thinking When God Made Me?"

With appreciation to Neil Young, Gary Kaupman discusses the role of UUCA's "the mountain" in the spiritual lives of gay men (and others).

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2008 February 03
Tom Blue Wolf
"Forgiveness and Reconciliation: The Native American Approach"

Tom will be here before and after the service to make products from the One Tribe Trading Company available. (www.earthkeepers.net)

2008 February 10
Fred Crimi and Donna Waddell
"Welcoming Congregation"

This Sunday we will follow up on the last Welcoming Congregation service when we discussed what we still needed to do to complete the process of learning to become welcoming to people who are bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender.

2008 February 17
Rev. Heather Collins
"Stepping Out"

What does it mean for MLUUC to be more visible in the community?

2008 February 24
speaker ?
"Jesus Seminars"

No description available.

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2008 March 02
"Soapbox Sunday"

David Hawthorne will lead this congregational participation service. Bring a short piece to say on your favorite topic: the environment, civil rights, social justice, separation of church and state, religious tolerance. It's your turn on the soapbox!

(Service Leader: David Hawthorne)

2008 March 09
Larry Sheber
"Living with Tolerance and Ambiguity"

No description available.

2008 March 16
Russell Cutts
"A Soul for Stewardship – Sustaining Human Resources, Preserving Sound Ecosystems"

Russell Cutts, of Whitestone Farm CSA, will speak of the spiritual exploration of farming systems for smaller communities. Principles founded in native food foresting with indigenous techniques and plant species. After the service at Mountain Light, our congregation is invited to tour the CSA located just off 515 on the border of Gilmer and Pickens Counties. They will also serve us an organic lunch from the farm (cost: donations only).

2008 March 23
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Ham of God: Every Good Deed"

The sermon uses the writer Anne LaMott's essay "Ham of God" as a starting point to examine our UU beliefs. Included in the sermon are Scott's personal reflections and a look at the story of the Good Samaritan.

2008 March 30
Jennie Hobson
"Drumbeat for Darfur"

In preparation for this service, please take a few minutes this week to acquaint or to reacquaint yourself with the information available about this very difficult topic. Go to our website mluuc.org and click on Social Justice or just google "Darfur".

We will not dwell on the human tragedy but instead will focus on the causes of the situation in Sudan and neighboring Chad. In addition, we will discuss the actions that have been taken to resolve the crisis and talk about how we can join the many groups and individuals who are trying to make a difference. Let's make this an enlightening and uplifting experience in our spiritual community.

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2008 April 06
Donna Waddell
"Communicating with the Conservative Right"

This approach to communication enhances the probability of actually achieving effective communication between people who disagree. It avoids the pitfalls of the "Right/Wrong" model and permits either party to "recreate" the other in order to facilitate achievement of a common purpose.

2008 April 13
Gerry Barker
"Title ?"

No description available.

2008 April 20
"Let There Be Light"

A musical service with performances by members, hymns, and readings woven with the thread of "light".

2008 April 27
Rev. Heather Collins
"Sharks in the Collard Patch"

How do we respond to crisis when it comes our way? Backing up a step, what does an actual crisis look like to each of us? This seems germane in the 21st century as the pace of life continues to increase bringing unexpected changes and new situations which may or may not be critical.

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2008 May 04
Claudia Burgess
"The Festival of Beltane from Wikipedia"

Wiccans and Wiccan-inspired Neopagans celebrate a variation of Beltane as a sabbat, one of the eight solar holidays. Although the holiday may use features of the Gaelic Bealtaine, such as the bonfire, it bears more relation to the Germanic May Day festival, both in its significance (focusing on fertility) and its rituals (such as maypole dancing). Some Wiccans celebrate 'High Beltaine' by enacting a ritual union of the May Lord and Lady. Among the Wiccan sabbats, Beltane is a cross-quarter day; it is celebrated in the northern hemisphere on May 01 and in the southern hemisphere on November 01. Beltane follows Ostara and precedes Midsummer.

2008 May 11
Annual Congregational Meeting

The service will start with the usual rituals and hymns, including chimes of community. This is Mother's Day and chimes will be an excellent way to recognize our mothers and other nurturing supportive people in our lives. In lieu of a "sermon" Gerry Barker will conduct the congregational meeting. A mailing will go out soon with proxy forms in case you can not attend the meeting. Following the meeting a potluck lunch will be held at GAHA. Please bring a salad or dessert

2008 May 18
Emerson UU Congregation's Choir

The choir from Emerson Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Marietta will be performing songs of celebration and change, reverence for nature, and ecumenical spirituality. There will be a catered lunch following the worship service. Everyone who wishes to stay for the lunch is welcome to do so. This will be an opportunity to meet and fellowship with the members of the Emerson choir and their family members.

2008 May 25
"Heroes of the Spirit"

A DVD presentation from the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Jim and Pat Walker will facilitate this service, especially apropos for Memorial Day weekend. After watching the DVD, Pat said: "The video certainly made me think twice about my tendency to ignore what is happening in Darfur."

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2008 June 01
Fred Crimi

We experience many losses in life. Death of loved ones is only one kind. Fred will help us look at loss and ways to cope.

2008 June 08
Allen Depta
"Colors of Infinity"

Allen will discuss art, color, and God.

2008 June 15, Father's Day
Rev. Heather Collins
"'Ex Cathedra' C"

This Latin phrase refers to the infallibility of the Pope in Catholic theology. What does it have to do with Father's day? Think of the images, ideals, and attitudes we hold about our fathers or about what fatherhood means to you men who are fathers. What mantle has been placed upon a father's shoulders? Let us explore this together as we celebrate the men in our lives who have fathered us.

2008 June 22
Rev. Kate Hauk
"Onions and butter: Reflections of Everyday Life"

No description available.

2008 June 29
Sarah Carson
"Supporting the Care Partners in Our Midst"

Sarah Carson from the Alzheimer's Association, Georgia Chapter, will be with us for worship and to talk to us briefly about ways our congregation can learn to care for and support care partners on their journey. Although Sarah will use Alzheimer's Disease as an example, the principles can be applied to any family in the congregation dealing with chronic illness.

Following the service, Sarah and her colleague, Laurie Parker, invite you to be their guest for lunch and to attend an educational program about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, how to communicate with a person who has a dementia, and ways to work together to care for a family living with this chronic illness.

Sarah Carson, LCSW, MA (Theology) is the Manager of Congregational Respite Care for the Alzheimer's Association, Georgia Chapter. She comes to us from their Atlanta office. Laurie Parker is the Director of Programs for the Alzheimer’s Association, Georgia Chapter. She comes to us from their Dalton office.

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2008 July 06
Donna Waddell
"Another Mother Tongue"

As a part of the Welcoming Congregation process Donna Waddell will share some of the work of lesbian poet, Judy Grahn. The subtitle is "Gay Words, Gay Worlds." Judy explores the etymology of words such as dyke, fairy, queer, and gay. Their origins will surprise you.

July 04-06 is the Pride celebration in Atlanta. There will be a contingent of Mountain Light members and friends who plan to march in the Pride parade on Sunday. If you are interested in joining them contact Kasey Castleberry, Danny Elrod, or Trish Turk.

2008 July 13
Larry Sheber
"A World Without Justice... Are You Crazy?"

No description available.

2008 July 20
Rev. Heather Collins
"Bright Light, Deep Shadow"

In his 1994 Inaugural speech, Nelson Mandela said: "It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us." How true is this statement for each of us in our own lives? What is the interplay between shadow and light, and how we find and maintain balance between this internal tension will be the topic for this morning's service.

Note: The quote above is frequently misattributed to Nelson Mandela. It is actually from Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles", Ch. 07, Section 3 (1992).

2008 July 27
Dennis Bayne
"Another View of You: Your Place in the Space of Humanity"

Canceled due to do flooding at GAHA. Rescheduled for September 21.

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2008 August 03
"Mountain Light's Big Adventure Weekend"

Sunday will be a culmination of all we have done during the weekend. For details about the plans for Friday (8/1) and Saturday (8/2) see below. On Sunday we will begin our service with the usual rituals, including Chimes of Community, and then we will continue our work of making plans for our future. Sunday's activities will result in specific activities to be conducted in the next year to set us on the path to our desired future.

2008 August 10
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Leadership: Reflections from the Dean of The Mountain School for Congregational Leadership"

Scott looks back at eight years with the MSCL and three years as its Dean and discusses the spiritual encouragement the school gives, the challenges to our congregations, and the promise of good leadership for our churches.

2008 August 17
Pat Kahn
"If We Build It..."

Pat will present religious education options for small churches. She is Director of Religious Education at UUCA and the RE trustee of the board for the Mid-South District of the UUA.

Following the service there will be a workshop for those people who indicated an interest in participating in the creation of an RE program for children in our congregation. Contact Myra Kibler to let her know that you plan to attend the workshop.

2008 August 24
Gerald Robison
"Being Good without God"

Gerald D. Robison, 69, born in North Alabama amidst cotton fields and nursery farms, a minister for the Church of Christ for 12 years, including student ministries in high school, college, and post graduate periods. He became a Unitarian first in Nashville in 1968. He has been a member of UUCA or the Northwest UU Church in Atlanta since 1972. He sings in perpetual choir and quartet bass and has given layperson sermons to UUs in various locations in the South. He has a unique blend of old and new time religion in his messages and delivery. Married to Emilu Bailes, father of three boys (men) in their 40s. Gerald Robison is a lay leader at UUCA.

2008 August 31
Rev. Heather Collins
"Water Ceremony and Ingathering Service"

This service heralds back to the era when churches ceased weekly meetings in order to tend to the crops. In the fall, as the crops were harvested, the members returned and regathered into a congregation. We will return from our summer vacations and travels, bringing water from our trips and celebrate the beginning of the new liturgical year.

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2008 September 07
Ingrid Flom
"Our Whole Lives – General Assembly Topic"

General Assembly Topic" Ingrid represented Mountain Light at the General Assembly of Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in Ft. Lauderdale this year. She brought back many ideas for Sunday Services. This topic will be the first of several she will share with us. OWL is a curriculum for all ages on human sexuality.

2008 September 14
Gary Kaupman
"Fear of (UU identity)"

As an extension of the discussion at the Big Adventure Weekend, Gary will discuss the topic of fear of being identified as UUs.

A notice of the congregational meeting, Sunday, Sept 14, immediately following services. Purpose: Discussion/vote on MLUUC continued use of GAHA facility as our meeting place.

2008 September 21
Dennis Bayne
"Another View of You: Your Place in the Space of Humanity"

A paradigm shift in the way a person thinks about him or herself can make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. Dennis Bayne is an actor and former lay minister from UUCA.

Note: Dennis was origianlly scheduled for July 27, the date that the GAHA building was closed due to flooding.

2008 September 28
Donna Waddell
"What Do You Do with the Bubble-bath?"

Starting with some comments about generic gifts and how one might handle them and moving into a discussion about honest and authentic relationships. Is there such a thing as an innocent white lie to prevent hurting someone else's feelings? And, what role, if any, do these considerations have for building community?

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2008 October 05
Dr. Robert Keller

Recently Dr. Keller send a letter to the editor of the Pickens Progress and the response has been interesting, to say the least. Director of the Mountain Conservation Trust of Georgia in Jasper. There will be a special part of the service for children this Sunday.

2008 October 12
Rev. Heather Collins
"The Kitchen Table"

This sermon is being inspired as a result of reading about Mt. Light's congregational study/action issue of Ethical Eating, and imaging you wonderful souls together on this new journey. I like to imagine how those special times when we sit at the table together may change for the better for Mt. Light having embarked on this journey. I hope to see you, both during the worship and perhaps later, at the kitchen table where, like the bare essentials of eating, we often get to the bare essentials of the spiritual food that nourishes us.

Potluck lunch will be served after the service. In keeping with the Ethical Eating theme, we hope you will consider bringing locally grown and/or organic ingredients in what you prepare. Please contact Gary Kaupman or Caryl Hanson if you have any questions. Sharing lunch at our meeting place will give members an opportunity to speak with Heather about any issues of concern relating to the future of MLUUC.

2008 October 19
Myra Kibler
"Simplicity is a Spiritual Path"

No description available.

2008 October 26
Myra Kibler
"What Are We Thinking"

The Influence of Knowledge on Choices We Make. other info

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2008 November 02
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Accepting the Red Feather Boa"

This sermon looks at our reluctance to step out of our safety zones and into the unknown. Whether we do so out of fear or stubbornness or reluctance to rock the boat we can not grow spiritually without taking chances. The Red Feather Boa stands in as a metaphor to take chances, to look silly, and to think outside the box.

Note: Scott will facilitate a congregational meeting following the service. The purpose of the meeting is to consider the findings of the asbestos task force appointed by the BOD. Please plan to attend. We hope to reach consensus about whether to continue to rent from GAHA or proceed to look for alternative rental property.

2008 November 09
Terry Davis
"Critical Care"

As a resident chaplain at Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, I find myself confronted daily with understanding the sacred in the midst of suffering. As Unitarian Universalists, where do we draw our strength and hope? How do we nourish our own spirits and support those we love during these times? This sermon will explore the notion of seeking contentment and holding joy and pain in balance as we care for ourselves and each other. Terry Davis is a UUCA Monisterial Intern.

2008 November 16
Jim Walker and Myra Kibler
"An Interview with Wendell Berry"

Jim Walker as Wendell Berry. Myra Kibler will be the interviewer, but Jim is the main show.

2008 November 23
Rev. Heather Collins
"A Rose By Any Other Name"

Does the language we use matter all that much? How about other forms of communication? How do we make our thoughts and feelings known and how do we come to know others? It seems that how we answer these questions may impact the Web of Existence we weave together. Please come to Mt. Light and explore the field of communication with me when I see you next time on 23 November.

2008 November 30
Donna Waddell
"Thanksgiving Stories"

This service will be a celebration of gratitude combining music, song, and sharing our stories of gratitude. Please bring a story to share.

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2008 December 07
"Guest at Your Table"

We will open our Guest at Your Table program with an intergenerational worship celebration. When we bring home our Guest at Your Table boxes, our families and friends will learn about real struggles for justice in the United States and around the world.

With each box comes a copy of Stories of Hope, written to teach children, youth, and adults how the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee helps to change our world for the better. The stories introduce you to human-rights champions, like Serafina, the South African grandmother who partnered with UUSC and others to restore the constitutionally protected water rights of marginalized people.

2008 December 14
David Hawthorne
"Christmas Stories"

This program is a series of humorous readings by members of the church and their children interspersed with Christmas songs that we can really belt out.

2008 December 21
Rev. Heather Collins
"Winter Wonderland"

Our service this morning falls on the morning of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It is but one observance that people around the world are celebrating, a time of music and food, of reflection and prayer. No matter what we may be celebrating, gratitude and wonder seem to be central to the season. Let us be grateful and celebrate together this morning!

2008 December 28
Donna Waddell
"What's on Your Bumper Sticker?"

Bring a list of your bumper or car window stickers. We will share and discuss what they mean and what we intend to communicate with them. Moreover, we will explore what it means to be a human being. Human yet also a Being, separate, but interwoven.