2017 Sunday Services



2017 January 01, New Year's Day, Last day of Chanukahnoteblock
Kasey Castleberry
"Compassion through Mindfulness"

Because our faith unites us in a strong tradition of seeking social justice for all people, we sometimes forget that we each have unique approaches to our common ends. Let us begin this new year by having crucial conversations which welcome different viewpoints and strengthen our beloved community.

Service Leader: Alysha Burch. Music: CD.

2017 January 06, Epiphany

2017 January 08
No Service
Snow and Ice Cancellation

Rev. Jennifer Dalton's service was moved to February 05 because of weather concerns.

2017 January 15
Blenda Fairman
"A Voice for the Children: What CASA Means to Me"

What began as an opportunity to serve the community as a CASA volunteer has for me, evolved into a passion for making a difference in a child's life. I would like to share some of my experiences with you so that you may become more familiar with the challenges these families face.

Service Leader: Ed Wolpert. Music: CD. Sandwich Sunday. Youth Sunday.

2017 January 16, Martin Luther King Day

2017 January 20, Inauguration Day

2017 January 22
Bruce Wood
"7 Steps and One Principle of Social Advocacy"

Bruce Wood will share a model useful for groups and individuals for how to gain public support for programs, policies, and efforts to effect social change, within the context of values-based strategic planning.

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: CD.

2017 January 29
Rev. David-Michael Searcy
"A Metaphysical Contemporary Look at Imbolc, Groundhog Day, and Candlemas"

What does this ancient holiday mean to us today? Imbolc literally means, "in milk". The great meaning is that of the succor; this is the celebration of consuming nourishment from the Goddess. It is she-who-nourishes.

We are the children of the earth. We rely on the Great Mother to sustain our lives, just as infants rely on their human mother to nourish them.

This is an important time for us to get in touch with whatever nourishes our souls. Have you left your interest behind to focus on your career, monetary gain, or your daily life routines? What nourishing interest have you abandoned because you cannot seem to find the time? What's been missing from your life? What are your favorite hobbies, foods, friends, clothing, places, etc?

Service Leader: Terry Woehr. Music: Lorraine Jones (CD). Potluck. Youth Sunday.

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2017 February 01, National Freedom Day

2017 February 02, Groundhog Day

2017 February 03, Wear Red Day

2017 February 05
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"And a Child Shall Lead Them"

We are facing a new year with new challenges ahead. How can we do so with energy, with a fresh perspective? How do we maintain positivity in light of many of the tragedies we hear about every day on our computers, our televisions, and our radios? How do we face a New Year with a sense of renewal rather than skepticism?

Service Leader: Ann Low. Music: CD.

2017 February 11, Tu Bishvat/Tu B'Shevat

2017 February 12, Lincoln's Birthday
Sally Pamplin

Ecotheology focuses on the interrelationships of religion and nature, particularly in the light of environmental concerns. It generally starts from the premise that a relationship exists between human religious/spiritual worldviews and the degradation of nature. It is important for people of faith to be involved in the protection of the Earth, to show that they care.

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: CD. Youth Sunday.

2017 February 14, Valentine's Day

2017 February 15, Susan B Anthony's Birthday

2017 February 19
Ken Sizemore
"All You Need Is Love"

In this presentation, Ken will perform songs celebrating romantic love and committed relationships. All these songs of love will be appropriate to any committed couple regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation--if two people love one another, these songs will be for and about them.

Service Leader: Bruce Wood. Sandwich Sunday.

2017 February 20, Presidents' Day

2017 February 26
Blenda Fairman
"The Truth About Living Wills and End of Life Care"

As medical technology becomes more and more sophisticated, it is now possible to extend many people's lives following catastrophic illnesses or accidents. Possible; but is it ethical? Let's explore some legal and ethical choices that we have when faced with a medical crisis.

Service Leader: Thomas Ash. Music: CD. Youth Sunday.

2017 February 28, Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras

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2017 March 01, Ash Wednesday, St. David's Day

2017 March 02, Read Across America Day

2017 March 05
Dianne Scoggins, Director, CASA, Appalachian Judicial Circuit
"Overview of the CASA Program for Children"

The Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) program is sponsored by the Appalachian Judicial Circuit Court system, serving Gilmer, Fannin, and Pickens Counties. CASA provides children who are in state custody, in foster care, or under other forms of court protection and supervision with compassionate, well trained adult volunteers to represent the children's interests within the child welfare system. CASA volunteers are appointed by juvenile court judges and work with specific children to protect the child's safety and legal rights. CASA volunteers provide the children with individualized attention and facilitate coordination among court officials, child welfare system agencies, foster parents, and birth parents.

Service Leader: Anthony Klimbal. Music: CD.

2017 March 12, Purim, DST begins
Pastor/Lord (Wiccan Priest) David-Michael Searcy
"Don't Go Back to Sleep"

From the inspiration of Rumi, this is the time for us to be alert and full of compassion. This is the time where we must ask for what we really want because the door is round and open, and we must consciously be in our knowing and not go back to sleep!

Service Leader: Helen Greene. Music: CD. Youth Sunday.

2017 March 17, St. Patrick's Day

2017 March 19, Purim
Rev. Scott Dillard

As we live out our daily lives, we encounter difficulties that sometimes seem to stop us in our tracks and, perhaps, render us immobile. What we need is encouragement to move forward, to speak our truth, to stand in our knowingness of what is right for us. We will look at ways to self-courage and at sources outside of ourselves that will allow us to feel encouraged and move us forward.

Service Leader: Alysha Burch. Music: CD. Sandwich Sunday. Board Meeting.

2017 March 20, Spring Equinox

2017 March 26
Ron Sturgis
"Pastoral Care"

Drawing from his extensive experience as a Navy chaplain and clergyman, Ron will discuss the dynamics of pastoral care giving. The what, who, why, where, and how of pastoral care will be explored: What is pastoral care? Who needs it and who is best equipped to provide it? Why is it important? How does it differ from other forms of care giving and how is it administered? Where should pastoral care be given? Compassion fatigue and the importance of boundaries for the pastoral care giver will be discussed. Finally, pastoral care giving within the context of Mountain Light UU will be addressed.

Service Leader: Ed Wolpert. Music: Laura Sturgis (piano) & Ron Sturgis (guitar). Youth Sunday.

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2017 April 02, Pascua Florida Day
Tom Norris
"Populists, Progressives, and the Presidency"

Tom gave a lecture on the differences between the terms "populist" and "progressive" and how they applied to American Presidents.

Service Leader: Gretchen Norris. Music: Lorraine Jones (CD).

2017 April 09, Palm Sunday
Terry Woehr & Gayle Wood
"Pledge Drive"

Note this is a temporary description: The pledge drive presentation might become a part of a broader program.

Music: Kasey (A/V). Youth Sunday.

2017 April 11, Passover begins

2017 April 13, Maundy Thursday, Thomas Jefferson's Birthday

2017 April 14, Good Friday

2017 April 15, Holy Saturday

2017 April 16, Easter Sunday, Emancipation Day
Rev. David-Michael Searcy
Sunrise Service: "Nothing Happens without You"

Our Easter message is the reawakening and the rolling away of the stone of self-deception and raising our spiritual consciousness of the I AM in all of us. In the translated words of the poet Rumi: "Nothing Happens without the I Am." The trespasses and sins if any, are our false perceptions that there is any earthly power governing our happiness or controlling our destiny. We design for ourselves through our divine imprintment our life journey.

Should everything pass away, it couldn't happen without You. This heart of mine bears Your imprint; it has nowhere else to turn. You are my grape wine and my intoxication, my rose garden and my springtime, my sleep and repose; nothing happens without You.

Service Leader: TBA. Music: CD. Easter Potluck Brunch.

2017 April 17, Easter Monday, Emancipation Day (observed)

2017 April 18, Last Day of Passover, Tax Day

2017 April 22, Earth Day

2017 April 23
Adrienne Corticelli
"Earth Day"

Join us for this intergenerational service as we discuss why Earth Day is important and how we can share the principles that it espouses throughout the year.

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: CD. Youth Sunday.

2017 April 24, Yom HaShoah, Isra and Mi'raj

2017 April 28, Arbor Day

2017 April 30
Karl Seidman
"Holocaust Remembrance Week"

(no description yet)

Service Leader: Ed Wolpert. Music: CD. Potluck.

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2017 May 01, May Day, Law Day, Loyalty Day

2017 May 02, Yom Ha'atzmaut

2017 May 04, Kent State Shootings Remembrance, National Day of Prayer

2017 May 05, Cinco de Mayo

2017 May 06, National Nurses Day

2017 May 07
Gayle Wood & Ann Low
"Flower Communion"

This annual UU celebration will be an intergenerational service. We will incorporate our youth in this symbolic ritual that binds our beloved community more closely together.

Music: CD. Youth Sunday.

2017 May 14, Mother's Day, Lag BaOmer
Rev. Scott Dillard
"The Divine Mother in All of Us"

On this Mother's Day, we will look at the love of the Mother not just as a biological relationship but a relationship we might all share with connecting to the divine.

Service Leader: TBA. Music: CD. Youth Sunday.

2017 May 15, Peace Officers Memorial Day

2017 May 20, Armed Forces Day

2017 May 21
Ike Parker
"Insights into Behavior and Attitudes for Self and Youth"

Rev. Parker will guide the congregation in using the QUEST self-perception survey to help us identify trends in our attitudes, behavior, and communication styles. Understanding our self-perceptions and the differences between our self-awareness and the perceptions others may have of us provides a foundation for working with others, especially across generations and cultural differences.

Ike Parker is a success coach, minister, school administrator, youth leadership trainer, and founder of Brooksong Center for Empowered Living in Jasper, Georgia.

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: CD. Sandwich Sunday.

2017 May 22, Harvey Milk Day, National Maritime Day

2017 May 25, Ascension Day, National Missing Children's Day

2017 May 27, Ramadan starts

2017 May 28
George Justicz
"The Undermining of Democratic Institutions"

George was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1931. As a young boy, he listened to Nazi rants on the radio and saw Hitler himself parade in the streets of Prague after the German invasion in 1939. Twice after WWII, he saw Soviet troops again destroy the burgeoning democratic movements in Czechoslovakia. In each case, invaders exploited internal divisions, fueled by anti-democratic demagogues. George will provide a unique and very valuable historical perspective to help us realize the significant implications of current events and draw clear parallels between the trends we see today and those he saw many times before in Prague.

Service Leader: Bruce Wood. Music: CD. Youth Sunday.

2017 May 29, Memorial Day

2017 May 31, Shavuot

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2017 June 04, Pentecost
Alison Hite
"The Scholars' Program at the University of North Georgia Blue Ridge"

In the fall of 2015, UNG opened its new campus in Blue Ridge, offering classes in psychology and political science to about 20 students. By the fall of 2016, UNG Blue Ridge had grown to about 109 students and offered courses in communications, English, math, philosophy, political science, and psychological science.

Building on that success, UNG Blue Ridge now offers a Scholars' Program, with the main goal of demonstrating the relationships among various disciplines and to the world outside of academics. In this manner, UNG aims to develop a holistic understanding of education and cultivate critical thinking and leadership skills. Students take 4 courses together in the fall and spring. These courses are tied together through a service learning project and a leadership seminar. We partnered with Family Connection and focused on alcohol awareness. The program this year culminated with students presenting an alcohol awareness campaign at Fannin County High School right before prom.

Service Leader: TBA. Music: CD.

2017 June 05, Whit Monday

2017 June 11
Annual Congregational Meeting
President Gayle Wood

Our Annual Meeting Breakfast will begin at 9:30, June 11th. Please bring a breakfast-type dish to share. Our 10:30 service is entitled: "Enter, Rejoice and Come In: It's Ours!"It will be presented by Gayle Wood. We will vote on a new Board of Directors and a new budget for the 2017–2018 fiscal year. This is not a stiff business meeting. It is a celebration of our mission in our community.

Religious Education will be on schedule with the younger children departing for class about 10:50. Laura and Ron Sturgis will be leading the children in making Indian art.

Service Leader: Lorraine Jones. Music: CD.

2017 June 14, Flag Day

2017 June 15, Corpus Christi

2017 June 18, Father's Day
Ed Wolpert
"Fathers' Day Service"

Our Speaker is MLUUC member, Ed Wolpert. He will speak to us about his unique experience as a father. Plan on some surprises. After the service, we will have a Fathers' Day cookout. Please feel free to bring a dish to share.

Service Leader: Helen Greene. Music: CD. Sandwich Sunday.

2017 June 19, Juneteenth (Emancipation Day)

2017 June 21, Summer Solstice, Lailat al-Qadr

2017 June 25
Rev. Lord David-Michael Searcy
"We Really Can Change The World"

When we step into our Christ Consciousness, which is our Higher Selves, we can move the mountains in our lives and in the lives of others. It is through our faith, love, and our deeper knowing that our Love will always triumph over all. This knowing causes us to stop sitting around complaining and moves us to go out to meet the needs of the world around us.

Service Leader: Jordan Wood. Music: CD.

2017 June 26, Eid al-Fitr

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2017 July 02
Rev. Hal Doster
"Core Values"

A recent presentation by Bruce Wood at the Cherry Log Christian Church along with a visit last month to St. Mary's Hospital in Athens has refocused my attention on CORE VALUES. Teaching college courses in ethics for many years brought core values to my attention in each course. With several books recently published on core values it appears that this renewed interest is wide spread. I just went to Google for a quick look and found that in 0.93 seconds that 23,400,000 cites became available. This Sunday we will be focusing on this very current and hot topic! In preparation, please think through personal, family, business, church, community, National, and even global values you may hold. Would you call any of these "CORE VALUES"?

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: CD.

2017 July 04, Independence Day

2017 July 09
Blenda Fairman
"Medical/Ethical Dilemmas and How to Empower Yourself"

Through over 40 years of professional experience as a registered nurse, Blenda developed expertise in complex medical care, use of pacemakers, triage, living wills, termination of life support, and medical ethics.

Blenda will explain how, as medical technology becomes more sophisticated and increasingly more difficult to understand, we face complex and sometimes heartbreaking decisions.

And as the costs of medical care rise astronomically as well as the stress of new legislation which may greatly impact our medical insurance, it is crucial that we understand our choices.

Service Leader: Ann Low. Music: CD.

2017 July 16
Rev. Scott Dillard
"The Spiritual Practice of Change"

Change is difficult for individuals and groups and, perhaps, most of all for congregations. Change implies a new way of being. With all change comes loss, and loss is fearful for many. When we become something new, we lose the old. But spiritual growth doesn't happen without change. How we manage this change and even embrace it is a necessary way forward in becoming as fully present to the divine and to one another than is possible.

Service Leader: Sam Davis. Music: CD. Sandwich Sunday.

2017 July 23, Parents' Day
Bruce Wood, presiding
"Building Renovation Plan"

The Board of Directors wants input from the congregation about planning building renovation projects. Bruce Wood will run the discussion in a worship service.

Music: CD.

2017 July 30
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"The Search for Happiness"

Rev Jennifer Dalton discarded her original topic to talk about the timely subject of Transgender persons and those in transition. Sometimes, in a world that has been comfortable with people being "he" or "she" with variations in orientation, the dilemma of what pronoun to use for a transitioning person might elicit giggles. That, of course is not a humane way to react, and if the person involved is your friend or relative (or yourself), it is very hurtful.

There have always been individuals who are not the "standard" male or female. It seems there were some cultures that recognized (and respected) as many as eight sexual orientations. We are gradually beginning to recognize L. and G. (sometimes Q). Transgender is a recent development, thanks to modern medicine. Once a person has completed the physical changes, they are recognizably their new chosen gender. But those still in the process, taking hormones, anticipating surgery, are socially in an awkward situation. As are those who choose not to have surgery, but to live not identifying as either gender.

Rev Dalton, who has some experience with some in this situation, advises that if you are not sure what pronoun a person wants to be used, the best thing is to ask. This timely discussion was extremely interesting; it would be nice if, in some ideal future, this list of designations would not be used, or needed, as all would be recognized as "H" for human.

[source: Geraldine Barker]

Service Leader: Michael Romanick. Music: CD. Potluck.

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2017 August 01, Tisha B'Av

2017 August 06
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"The Continuity of Universalism"

Rev. Whittemore will address our traditional sources of strength, as opposed to our usual ones, for chaotic times such as these.

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: Kathee Tomlin (piano).

2017 August 13
Ed Wolpert
"Growing Up Jewish: Personal Reflections of a Secular Jew"

After a brief introduction about Judaism, Anti-Semitism, and Jews in America, Ed will share his personal experiences and reflections on growing up Jewish in a non-Jewish milieu.

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: CD.

2017 August 15, Assumption of Mary

2017 August 20
Ron Sturgis
"Church Growth for the 21st Century"

In this sermon, Ron will explore the various dynamics involved in church growth. He will examine seven statistics that predict church growth according to some research. Different types of people who can impact church growth will be discussed. Differing kinds of church orientations will also be mentioned. Finally, the future and growth of Mountain Light UU Church will be considered using the lens of a postmodern constructionist view of reality.

Service Leader: Lorraine Jones. Music: Laura Sturgis (piano). Potluck.

2017 August 21, Senior Citizens Day

2017 August 26, Women's Equality Day

2017 August 27
Pastor / Lord David-Michael Searcy
"The Oceans of Our Lives"

In these times, we are called out upon the waters into the great unknown where our feet may fail, and there we find Spirit in the mystery of the oceans of our lives.

Our faith will stand because Spirit and our Higher Selves lead us where our trust is without borders, and we find that we can walk upon the waters wherever we are called.

This service will be a meditative space where we ask, our Higher Selves to take us deeper than our feet could ever wander and to make our faith stronger in the presence of our Creator/Creatrix.

We are one with Divinity, and we call upon the name of our Higher selves and that name that we have attached to the One, to keep our eyes above the waves. When the oceans rise, our lives will rest in the embrace of Goddess/God.

Service Leader: Sam Davis. Music: CD.

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2017 September 02, Eid al-Adha

2017 September 03
Jordan Wood
"Water Communion"

The Water Ceremony is a Unitarian Universalist tradition that celebrates specifically our Seventh Unitarian Universalist Principle: Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. Congregants will bring a small amount of water from a place, or that represents an event, that is special to them. The water will be poured into a large, communal vessel. Each person may share why this water is meaningful to them. The combined water is symbolic of our shared faith coming from many different sources.

Music: CD.

2017 September 04, Labor Day

2017 September 10, Grandparents' Day
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"Who's a good Christian? … I mean, really"

Once again (as usual) there is a struggle over the soul of American Christianity. In these turbulent times, what does it mean to be a true Christian and who is fulfilling that role? Does one have to be a self-proclaimed Christian to do so? The answer need not be an Osteentatious one.

Service Leader: Kathy Romanick. Music: CD.

2017 September 11, Patriot Day, 9/11 Remembrance Day

2017 September 17, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day
Rev. Scott Dillard
"The Compassionate Heart"

Rev. Dillard will explain how loving relationships can be said to start with a feeling of compassion for one another, for being able to acknowledge the suffering of others, and to be able to want to reach across whatever divides us to see the world from the perspective of others. By looking at compassion as a spiritual practice we may bridge the divides that separate us, thereby bringing us into closer communion with one another.

Service Leader: Karl Seidman. Music: CD. Potluck.

2017 September 18, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (observed)

2017 September 21, Rosh Hashana

2017 September 22, Muharram, Fall Equinox

2017 September 24, Gold Star Mother's Day
Lorraine Jones
"Growing Up Baptist, Losing My Religion, and Finding My Faith"

My story of growth in faith begins with the first time I attended church and moves through several life events that called my religion into question and to doubts and fears that finally caused me to let it go. It follows on through my beginning to find peace in a re-imagined spirituality, up through the present day where I am becoming more comfortable in exploring the mystery of God or The Source toward which all faith traditions point.

Service Leader: Colleen Burdick. Music: CD.

2017 September 30, Yom Kippur

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2017 October 01
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"Shut Up and Listen: A Lost Art"

In forty-two years of living, I have never met a person who said to me: "I am a bad listener." Most of us assume we are good listeners; most assume that listening is a passive activity that comes naturally. I argue that listening is both a talent and a gift we can give to the world. For as much as each of us wants to be heard, we are surrounded by others who are desperate to have their voices heard, as well. And in that moment of active listening, we can both give the gift of ourselves and receive wisdom we might have otherwise missed.

Service Leader: Sam Davis. Music: CD.

2017 October 02, Child Health Day

2017 October 04, Feast of St Francis of Assisi

2017 October 05, First Day of Sukkot

2017 October 08
Gayle Wood
"Membership Sunday"

We will introduce new members and celebrate!

Music: Laura Sturgis (piano), Ron Sturgis (guitar), CD.

2017 October 09, Indigenous People's Day, Columbus Day, Leif Erikson Day

2017 October 11, Last Day of Sukkot

2017 October 12, Shmini Atzeret

2017 October 13, Simchat Torah

2017 October 15
"Wisdom of the Body"

Miaoming, from Heart Chan, presents: Wisdom of the Body, mindfulness of our commitments in thoughts, words, and actions. He will discuss how Chan practice, quieting of body and mind, can be practical in helping us keep our vows, commandments, precepts, etc.. those promises to self that we can so easily become distracted from by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Service Leader: Geraldine Barker. Music: CD. Potluck.

2017 October 16, Boss's Day

2017 October 22
Mark Bodnar
"Disarming Dis-empowerment"

Mark Bodner presents: "Disarming Dis-empowerment: How May Fitness and Recreation Deepen Spiritual Growth and Serve as a Strategy for Recovery?" Mark will guide us in looking at the universal theme of feeling dis-empowered that one often experiences after some kind of loss, the possible (and not so obvious) underlying causes of this feeling, and why that might be a necessary part of spiritual growth. We will then look at how fitness and recreation can serve as useful tools to "re-create" ourselves in the face of inevitable change and loss.

Mark Bodnar is a certified yoga instructor and ASCM-Certified Exercise Physiologist. He is also a part-time professor in the Exercise Science Department at Georgia State University. He holds degrees in Biology, Music, Education, and Exercise Science.

Service Leader: Bruce Wood. Music: Mark Bodnar (guitar).

2017 October 29
Rev. Lord David-Michael Searcy
"Celebrating Loss with Its Many Faces"

Death is followed by rebirth; The end of the old year is followed by the beginning of the new year; Light is born out of darkness, they are inseparable, necessary; Darkness is full of potential with the opportunity to rest and reflect on the past and to dream of new beginnings; Seeds now hidden in the earth will germinate and grow. Look for the seeds in yourself!

We will work with some guided releasing Meditations and share if you choose, a picture of a loved one as we read the beautiful Poem of Elizabeth Frye, "Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep".

Service Leader: Kathy Romanick. Music: CD. Potluck.

2017 October 31, Halloween

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2017 November 01, All Saints' Day

2017 November 02, All Souls' Day

2017 November 05, DST ends
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"Listening to the Other"

During my last visit in October we discussed the importance of the skill of listening and connecting with others. But how do we listen? How do we bring ourselves to connect to those who are espousing ideas we vehemently oppose? How do we listen to that which is absolutely abhorrent? How do we listen when we hear that which challenges the very core of our beliefs?

Service Leader: Kasey. Music: CD.

2017 November 07, Election Day

2017 November 11, Veterans Day

2017 November 12
Rev. Barry Whittemore
"Traditional Answers for the Modern Derangement"

We will look at a couple of serious problems in the modern world and their sometimes surprising sources and ask why are we doing virtually nothing to address them. The hopeful answers will also surprise (and not necessarily please) many.

Service Leader: Helen Greene. Music: CD.

2017 November 19
Karl Seidman
"A Day of Thanks"

This day will be given over to the congregation. People will be invited to come forward and share a short list or story about things for which we are thankful.

Music: CD. Baby Shower for Alysha Burch.

2017 November 23, Thanksgiving Day

2017 November 24, Black Friday

2017 November 26
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Tom Norris Memorial"

This day the friends and family of Tom Norris celebrate the memory of his life.

Service Leader: Gayle Wood. Music: CD.

2017 November 27, Cyber Monday

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2017 December 01, The Prophet's Birthday

2017 December 03, 1st Sunday of Advent
Rev. Lord David-Michael Searcy
"Do You Know Where You're Going, and What Is Your Yuletide Prayer For Our World At Large?"

Rev. Searcy will discuss how, during this Yule Season and moving into a new year, some questions come up as we maneuver through this collective world. These questions include: Do you know where you're going? Do you like the things that life is showing you? Do you get what you're hoping for, combined with a prayer, not for ourselves, but for a world in need?

We pray that there will be no more lives torn apart and that wars would never start and that time would heal all hearts. We pray also that, at the end, right will always win and that love will never end.

Mountain Light, 2502 Tails Creek Road (GA-282 West), in Ellijay is a Welcoming Congregation. We welcome guests of all faiths, ethnicities, and gender identification. Our coffee and fellowship begins at 10 AM, followed by the service from 10:30 to 11:30.

Religious Education is provided for children. Children are also welcome to attend our services in the sanctuary. For information about our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles and our future services, please go to mluuc.org.

Service Leader: Kathy Romanick. Music: CD.

2017 December 06, St Nicholas' Day

2017 December 07, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

2017 December 08, Feast of the Immaculate Conception

2017 December 10
Sara Henderson
Weather Cancellation

2017 December 13, Chanukah begins

2017 December 17, Wright Brothers Day
Rev. Jennifer Dalton
"Where do you find your Hope?"

Across many faiths December brings holidays, festivals of light that celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the renewal of hope. In the Christian tradition, this is the third Sunday of Advent or Hope Sunday. In the darkness of winter, where do we each find our hope? And is hope as simple as wishing for the best, or does it have a deeper significance in our hearts?

Service Leader: Geraldine Barker. Music: CD. Potluck.

2017 December 20, Last Day of Chanukah

2017 December 21, Winter Solstice

2017 December 24, Christmas Eve
Terry Woehr
"Edible Gift Exchange"

Terry Woehr will host a repeat of this interesting service where we bring an edible gift with a story of why it has a special meaning to us. The gifts are given by a random drawing.

Music: CD.

2017 December 25, Christmas Day

2017 December 26, Kwanzaa begins

2017 December 31, New Year's Eve
Bruce Wood
"no title yet"

(no description yet)

Service Leader: Kane Parker. Music: CD. Potluck.