2009 Sunday Services



2009 January 04
Jerry Wood
"The Quest for the Historical Jesus"

Modern Christianity is based to a large degree on the writings of Paul. Paul was a contemporary of Jesus and lived in the same area. But Paul was not present at the crucifixion and never saw or met Jesus. Sound odd to you? Come Sunday and find out why.

2009 January 11
Rev. Dr. Edward Frost
"Beware the Erinyes"

Beware the *what?* The Erinyes [ee RIHN ih eez] are mythical creatures from ancient times, mentioned both in the Iliad and in the Odyssey as fearsome monsters. With their brass wings and ripping claws they guarded the way back so – well, so that "you can't go home again." Many of us have made long journeys. How do we feel about the places we have been?

2009 January 18
Tom Thrasher
"The Many Paths and Pleasures of Mindfulness"

The self-transformative practices of mindfulness have been developed and practiced in Asia and other parts of the world for over 2500 years. These practices have found fertile soil in modern Western societies, sparking interest in the realms of health, business, psychotherapy, and education. We will consider just what mindfulness is, and the possible roles of mindfulness in our world.

2009 January 25
Rev. Scott Dillard

Rev. Dillard follows up on his recommendation that MLUUC write a covenant for ourselves. What is a covenant, why should we have one, and how do we do it?

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2009 February 01
Gary Kaupman
"Mindful Eating: A Look at Decisions We Make About Our Food"

This is intended to be the first of a series of programs on consciousness about food. This program is an intergenerational program.

2009 February 08
Kathy Romanick
"Acts of Service, Acts of Kindness"

Scout Sunday is a day to honor those in Scouts and talk about the values they teach and what lesson lie in them for us. An intergenerational story will spark thoughts on "warm fuzzies". There will be information on places in the community that can benefit from our time and resources.

2009 February 15
Rev. Heather Collins
"Love in All Its Glory"

This sermon honors St. Valentine's Day, even though the "St." bit is generally dropped these days. Little is known of this martyred Christian whose feast day is recognized on February 14 by our Catholic brothers and sisters. In the 21st century here in the US of A Valentine's Day is big business fed by Catholics and Protestants, Non-Christens and Atheists alike. How curious. Let us explore love in its fullest expression when we gather together this Sunday.

2009 February 22
speaker ?
"Title ?"

No information available.

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2009 March 01
Duncan Teague
"The Dance of Our Joy, Fear, and Responsibility"

Duncan is a former UUCA lay minister and current ministerial student at Candler School of Theology. This will be a discussion about the recent events and how we dance through the changes are moving us.

2009 March 08
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Promises, Promises, Promises"

What does it mean to make a promise? To be in covenant with others in community? What happens when a promise is broken? How do you move forward? This sermon seeks to contemplate the above questions and how they relate to a religious community.

2009 March 15
Donna Waddell, Peg Griffith, and Laura Burton
"UU Miracles"

Do UUs experience miracles? One definition of a miracle is "an incredible experience that can not be scientifically explained." (Newcott, AARP The Magazine, Jan/Feb 2009). Rev. Forrest Church, pastor of the Unitarian Church of All Souls says: "Life is a miraculous event."

2009 March 22
Gary Kaupman and John Schendel, Ph.D.
"What I Learned at Summer Camp"

The beginning of this program is an illustrated discussion about the most basic precept of Permaculture (what John learned at Summer Camp) which is "Thoughtful and protracted observation of nature's processes" with the idea of taking advantage of what nature knows to make our lives easier while disturbing the environment less. John Schendel is a Quality Assurance Manager at Tetra Tech EM, Inc.

2009 March 29
Rev. Dr. Edward Frost
"As If It Will Matter"

Can the actions (or the inaction) of one person really make a difference? Can I save the whales, create world peace, restore the forests? Is it worth my time and effort to drag the newspapers and bottles to the curb or to the recycling center? Is it worth a Sunday morning to get myself to the church on time, if at all? As if it will matter. Rev. Dr. Edward Frost is Minister Emeritus of UUCA.

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2009 April 05
Donna Waddell
"Eat, Drink, and Be Mindful"

A continuation of Gary Kaupman's presentation on ethical eating. This is the mindful mastication portion. This will be an intergenerational service and will involve eating!

2009 April 12
Rev. Heather Collins
"Flower Communion"

Easter Sunday and we will celebrate with a "Flower Communion". Communion is both an interesting concept and sacramental act. I realize that both of these words may be somewhat foreign to some of us who will be attending Mt. Light 's service this Easter morning. I certainly grew up thinking "communion" and "sacrament" as purely Christian words and acts, shrouded in my mind in mystery and magic. Here at Mountain Light we have the freedom to both explore and participate in a broader understanding of these communal activities. I hope woman, man, and child who gathers with us this morning will bring along a flower or a branch in bloom to place on our altar and join this celebration of life: food for the heart, mind, and spirit. Please bring a flower to share with another. A potluck will follow the service at GAHA. Contact Pat Walker regarding the best dish to bring.

2009 April 19
Bob Sherrod
"Bible Belted Black and Blue"

Bible Belted Black and Blue represents a different view of encountering the worst in ourselves and others, getting nailed to commitment, and when all else fails, pulling the "ole resurrection trick" as Maxwell Smart might say. It is based on every type of therapy imaginable and some unimaginable.

2009 April 26
Carolyn Levant and Warren Lee
"What Life Is Really Like in Israel Today"

Carolyn and Warren, longtime friends of MLUUC, have recently returned from living in Israel for two years.

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2009 May 03
Dwight Dickinson
"No Limits"

Dwight will be speaking about his experiences teaching developmentally handicapped students computer. One of his students will accompany him. Expect an humbling and inspirational experience.

2009 May 10
Rev. Heather Collins
"What is Worship?"

The word "Worship" may remind us of less desirable experience in church, maybe from our childhood. But, many UUs do consider their Sunday morning services "worship services". So, this begs the question: "What is worship? What do we mean when we use the term?"

2009 May 17
Rev. Dr. Edward Frost
"The Very Hardest Thing"

We no doubt have different ideas about what is "The very hardest thing". For John Adams' daughter, Nabby, it had to do with religion. Adams is sometimes claimed as a Unitarian. Having read the latest biography, I see little to support that. But Abby – well, she grew into her doubts (though doubting does not a Unitarian make).

2009 May 24
Congregational Annual Meeting

A brief worship service will open the annual meeting with Caryl Hanson leading us in song, sharing, and meditation. Then we will call to order the annual meeting. The agenda will come to you by US mail. We will be considering an extensive revision of the Bylaws, electing a new board, approving a congregational covenant statement and adopting a budget for 2009-2010. Reports from the officers and team leaders will be shared. Be sure to come and be a part of the discussion and decision-making for our church.

2009 May 31
Mountain Light's Congregational Covenant
"From Words to Actions"

This service will involve many voices as we attempt to show practical uses of our ideals.

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2009 June 07
Jim Walker
"The Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam"

In the first half of the twentieth century, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam was immensely popular, particularly in England, but also in America. It is a poem about "Human Death and Fate", and its vision is bleak. Occasionally verging on cheerfully bleak. So why was it so popular? And does it have anything to say to us today?

2009 June 14
Myra Kibler
"What I Learned in the First Minute of Church"

Church, many churches in fact, have been a major source of learning in my life, but if I had only attended one, Church of the River in Memphis, and walked out after the first minute, I would still have taken with me the greatest lesson I ever learned. I'll share it with you.

2009 June 21
Rev. Heather Collins
"Summer Is Here – Ra!"

This Sunday being Father's Day and the Summer Solstice, let us contemplate what those two things may have in common. We shall have to travel back to long ago, as we journey together in our quest for meaning, beauty, truth, and community which is what we do here together as Unitarian Universalists.

2009 June 28
Terry Davis
"Stalking the Sacred"

In the Pulitzer-prize winning Pilgrim at Tinker's Creek, writer Annie Dillard describes her persistence and thrill in stalking and encountering the mysterious and elusive muskrat. What does it mean to seek out things that are shy or hidden" How is our spiritual journey akin to stalking the mystery that is within and around us? On June 28, we will consider what it means to be intentional in our efforts to come in contact with the sacred.

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2009 July 05
Rev. Scott Dillard
"Working Through the Bad Patches"

In times of great difficulty whether they be financial, spiritual, or relational we experience what in some religious traditions have been described as The Dark Night of the Soul. When we are faced with these challenges we often think that we will never emerge into the light. However, as night turns to day so shall the soul emerge from the darkness back into the light. This sermon seeks to describe ways in which we might see ourselves through that dark night of the soul into a brighter future.

2009 July 12
Sarah Dan Jones
"Building Community through Music"

Note: Ms. Sarah Dan Jones had to cancel due to personal reasons. We had a sing along instead.

2009 July 19
Laura Burton
"Poverty Is Not a Moral Issue"

No description available.

Note: The MLUUC Board of Directors will meet July 19 after the sevice

2009 July 26
Duncan Teague
"How I Got My UU Groove Back"

The Unitarian Universalist faith is one that has come with ease to Duncan Teague. He is currently in a seminarian at Candler School of Theology at Emory University. While enjoying his first year at Candler Teague, like most first year seminarians, Teague asked himself questions about his choice of seminary, his decision to pursue ministry as a Unitarian Universalist and if these mid-life decisions were wise. While attending the General Assembly 2009 for the Unitarian Universalist Association this past June in Salt Lake City, Utah he was exposed to many affirming and encouraging events, speeches and workshops. The combined experience has given him a new sense of confidence about his choices. As he prepares to return for an intense second year of seminary, he feels he has gotten his "groove back". This service will be an opportunity to share some of the experiences and supportive events that might also encourage others.

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2009 August 02
Myra Kibler
"Do You Believe in Dowsing?"

Over the last half century or more, many scientific studies have attempted to understand the mechanics of anomalous cognition, ways of knowing that are not "normal" according to laws of reality as we know them. Here in the 21st century, are we any closer to understanding how such knowing, otherwise known as extrasensory perception or ESP, actually works? I will share some stories and insights from the work of Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer PhD, psychoanalyst, as related in her 2007 publication, Extraordinary Knowing. It has astounding implications for UUs.

2009 August 09
Rev. Dr. Edward Frost
"Carry On Regardless"

Dr. Frost had to cancel for personal reason. This service was rescheduled for October 18.

2009 August 16
Geraldine Barker
"Outreach Sunday"

This program highlights three outreach initiatives in our community whose activities associate with some of our UU Principles. These endeavors can always use donations and volunteers and may provide an opportunity for us to collaborate sometime in the future, if not right now.

The Ferst Foundation provides funds to give books to children from birth to the start of Kindergarten. Louise Sweat will introduce a 4-minute DVD about the program.

The Gilmer County Community Food Pantry provides food for needy families and individuals. Judy Farmer, the Chairperson, can not be here Sunday but will send a speaker in her place.

The Gilmer County Community Garden provides fresh produce in season to the Food Pantry. Don Smith of Cartecay Methodist Church, whose members spearheaded the operation, will speak and bring some pictures of planting and harvests.

2009 August 23
Gerald Robison
"Daddy, What are People for?"

This program is an exploration into the purpose of life.

2009 August 30
Rev. Heather Collins
"Welcome Home (Water Communion)"

Although we UUs no longer close our churches for the summer, a sense of a new church year yet remains as we begin a new liturgical round. This is our fifth year at Mountain Light of joining together in a service of "Ingathering" in which we mingle the waters of our travels. Remember to bring to church the water you gathered from the places you visited this past year. And if you forgot to collect water, I hope you will bring the stories of these significant places to share with your faith community, here in this place that feels like home.

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2009 September 06
Caryl Hanson
"Who Is Peter Morales?"

Let's explore his life, his theology and ideals through a few sermon excerpts – and what he brings to his role as newly elected President of the Unitarian Universalist Association. How does it relate to MLUUC?

2009 September 13
Wisdom Panel
"Life after 60"

This will be a panel presentation with David & Carol Johnson, Geri Zimmerman, and David Hawthorne. This "Wisdom Panel" will share their insights on life after becoming 60 years of age.

Note: The Communications Team will not be holding its monthly Website Workshop this week.

2009 September 20
Gary Kaupman
"Generosity of Spirit"

A talk on Kindness with help from Mary Oliver, Peter Morales, and a whiff of metaphysics.

Note: The monthly MLUUC Board meeting will be after the service.

2009 September 27
Carol Johnson
"You Are Brilliant, and the Earth Is Hiring"

This will be a presentation of a speech that was given by Paul Hawken to the Class of 2009 at the University of Portland in Oregan on May 3, 2009. "Take the hint. And here's the deal: Forget that this task of planet-saving is not possible in the time required. Don't be put off by people who know what is not possible. Do what needs to be done, and check to see if it was impossible only after you are done."

Note: MLUUC Compact meets at 9am, before the service.

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2009 October 04
Charlene Wells

Consciousness of oneness is an awareness of the unity and the interconnectedness of all life; it is essential to our human and planetary survival and evolution.

Note: MLUUC's monthly Listening Session and potluck dinner will be after the service.

2009 October 11
Rev. Scott Dillard

No description available.

2009 October 18
Rev. Dr. Edward Frost
"Carry On Regardless"

The poet, W. H. Auden, stands before a painting in the art museum in Brussels. The picture is The Fall of Icarus, by the sixteen century Flemish painter, Breughel. Auden writes a poem about the scene called The Musée Des Beaux Arts. It's about suffering and if anyone cares. Rev. Dr. Edward Frost is Senior Minister Emeritus at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta.

Note: The MLUUC Board of Directors will meet after the service.

2009 October 25
Dr. David Center
"The World According to Goswami"

Drawing from writings of Amit Goswami, David will look at what quantum mechanics means for our understanding of the ultimate nature of reality and some of the implications of what accepting that reality really might hold for us.

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2009 November 01
Geraldine Barker
"All Souls' Day"

In Western Christianity, All Souls' Day commemorates the faithful departed. This day is principally observed in the Catholic Church and dates back to a European monastery in 998.

At MLUUC, we will be observing a time to honor and remember loved ones who have died. This is intended to be a celebration of their lives rather than a mourning day. All are invited to share stories and memories of their loved ones at this intergenerational service which will include activities for children.

2009 November 08
Rev. Dr. Edward Frost
"Huck Finn and the Awful Sacredness"

Dr. Frost has given the MLUUC congregation a homework assignment! Prior to his sermon, he wants us to: "Dig out your old copy of Huckleberry Finn. Or, borrow one. Get one used and cheap. And read/re-read it from beginning to end."

2009 November 15
Rev. Heather Collins
"Belly-button Birthdays and Other Important Dates"

How we mark time and commemorate the events of our lives can be one indicator of someone's world view. MLUUC has explored this topic as it relates to the Church year. This week we will explore the ways we mark time in more personal and individualistic ways and how this plays out as we gather in community.

2009 November 22
Kathy Romanick
"Bringing Hope Where Hope Is Hard to Find"

Kathy will be sharing information about the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) and how we can help put our faith into action through the UUSC's "Guest At Your Table" Program. This will be an intergenerational service which will include activities for children.

2009 November 29
Gary Kaupman
"The Next Loving Thing"

This service is a followup to Gary's last program on Generosity of Spirit. His focus will be on remaining loving and caring through the upcoming holidays when family interactions possibly stir up strong emotions.

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2009 December 06
Myra Kibler
"Truman Capote's 'A Christmas Memory'"

Presented as Readers' Theater by Shirley Center and Myra Kibler, this memory of a rural Southern Christmas in the 1930s captures the true spirit of the season. The loveless relatives are there, but, in the background, friendship, creativity, gratitude and humor weave their magic. Put your Christmas frenzy and humbug attitudes aside, and let this Christmas story warm your heart.

2009 December 13
Rev. Heather Collins
"The Journey Home"

With the end of this annual cycle approaching as we come to the Winter Solstice, it seems appropriate to talk about ending places. The Journey Home is one we must all take, even though we may strongly disagree about what "home" looks like – that is, what comes with death?

2009 December 20
"Christmas Joy"

At this Sunday's service we will celebrate the season in song and story. Since Richard Wilson is prepared to play almost any holiday song you wouldd like to sing, think about your favorites. The congregation is most welcome to share a favorite holiday story, poem, or memory during this "open mike" program. Our Christmas Sing-Along service will include a traditional Moravian Lovefeast. Also, there will be ornament making for the children.

2009 December 27
Allen Depta
"The Colors of Infinity"

Western civilization, due to its curiosity, as well as its preoccupation with mathematics, has sought to analyze and delve into the mysteries of the timeless geometric codes that have surrounded us since before the beginning of mankind. Things as common as the retina of the eye, snowflakes, or our DNA all have mathematically definable structures that still remain a mystery. Einstein saw this and had a motto: "What attracts us more than a mystery that can not be solved?" Such are the colors of infinity – they may represent God for some, or a flight of imagination for others. It is a "first" in explaining art and colors through a mathematical model (fractuals).