Speaker: Ed Wolpert

2019 March 31

Our Mountain Light UUC Treasurer, Ed Wolpert, will present our 2019-2020 Pledge Drive.

Israel in 2018: It’s Complicated

Sunday, 2018 SEP 16
Dr. Ed Wolpert
Israel in 2018: It’s Complicated

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Three Areas of conflict: UltraOrthodox Israelis/Other Israeli Jews, Israeli Jews/Israeli Arabs,

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There are 6.6 million Jews in Israel.

Classification by observance to Jewish teaching:

1.Charadim (ultraorthodox)  … read more.

How Could This Have Happened – Why the Jews?

This service will be devoted to Holocaust Remembrance and Anti-semitism. There will be a special candle lighting and poem in memory of the nine million killed in the Holocaust, including six million Jews, as well as homosexuals, gypsies, and political dissidents.

Father’s Day Service

Our Speaker is MLUUC member, Ed Wolpert.  He will speak to us about his unique experience as a father.  Plan on some surprises.  After the service, we will have a Fathers’ Day cookout.  Please feel free to bring a dish to share.