The members of Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church are strong supporters of advocacy and activism for social change. Our members have participated in several marches and rallies over the years.  We Stand on the Side of Love.

2008 Atlanta Pride


Below is a collection of links (click on the title) to websites that offer Social Justice programs and guides for ethical treatment of others and our planet. (List was last updated 2018.11.16)

Better World Shopper is a public research project dedicated to making social and environmental data available to consumers who wish to utilize their dollars as votes in order to help build a better world.  It translates a comprehensive database of over 2000 companies and utilizes 76 reliable sources of data so that the public can hold companies accountable in a practical way, every day.

1% for the Planet is a global network of businesses, nonprofits, and individuals working together for a healthy planet.  They bring dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving. More than $175 Million dollars given back to the environment.

American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals. Our leadership programs are first to serve in promoting and nurturing the bonds between animals and humans since 1877.

Sierra Club is dedicated to exploring, enjoying, and protecting the Earth, our only home, for everyone.