We promise to promote the welfare of our congregation as a unified community through:

  • Accepting and respecting the diversity of all individuals;
  • Committing our support with time, talent, and treasure;
  • Having realistic expectations of each other and supporting one another with kindness;
  • Providing an exceptional home for spiritual growth;
  • Communicating mindfully, listening and speaking with compassion, and always assuming goodwill;
  • Looking for and creating opportunities to have fun and share the gift of laughter;
  • Staying together in community through good times and bad;
  • Ministering to each other in times of need, and
  • Being ever aware that within the greater community we are all representatives of Mountain Light and Unitarian Universalist ideals.

We pledge to honor our covenant with a guiding principle of love and forgiveness to ourselves and others in our efforts to uphold these ideals.

Adopted at the Annual Congregational Meeting of Mountain Light UUC on 2009 May 24.