The History of Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church began in the fall of 1998, when the realization of a dream for offering a liberal, alternative religious group in north central Georgia was begun. A few ads resulted in well attended public meetings from which a core of supporters emerged. Moral, emotional, and financial support came from Georgia Mountains UUC in Dahlonega GA, from the larger Unitarian Universalist Association of Boston MA, and the Mid-South District. Georgia Mountains UUC became our sponsoring congregation.

A steering committee and teams formed by December of 1998 provided what was needed to sustain the group – available space, program development, and children’s religious education. For many months we alternated services between Blue Ridge GA and Ellijay GA, meeting twice monthly. We found our first home with weekly services in the Catholic Church Annex in Ellijay GA in September of 1999.

On 1999 December 05, Mountain Light held its Charter Sunday to officially accept membership. We welcomed our first 23 members.

MLUUC became officially affiliated with the UUA on 2000 May 07, and we were welcomed into membership on 2000 June 22, at the UUA General Assembly in Nashville TN. In November of that same year, MLUUC moved to a new home, a rental space at Walnut Mountain near Ellijay GA. We were there for the next seven years.

In 2007, we moved to the Gilmer Arts & Heritage Association building in downtown Ellijay GA. On 2007 September 23, we had our first service in GAHA in Ellijay GA. We were there nearly four years, but had mostly Sunday-only space.

On 2011 April 03, we moved into the “The Church on the Hill” in Cherry Log GA, which we voluntarily vacated a few months later for the larger congregation of Cornerstone Baptist Church, whose building was lost to lightning. So, on 2011 July 10 we moved to the nearby Cherry Log Mountain Pavilion, while we considered a more permanent arrangement with opportunities for religious education and more fellowship to further our mission of offering a home for liberal religion in the north central Georgia mountains.

We found a more permanent home on Tails Creek Road early in 2012, a space that we could use seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We held our first service there on 2012 March 11 and began converting the former Mountain Creek Log Cabin Store into a more functional church, adding a new front entrance, signage, RE space, etc.

We received some unsettling news in 2015, when the building was seized from our landlord by the U.S. Marshall’s office.  We eventually placed a bid on the property, much lower than the asking price, and with little hope of acquiring it, we proceeded to look for a new property.  We found and rejected several prospects.  Luckily, on 2017 April 13, after 18 months in limbo, the U.S. Marshal Service accepted our bid.

We began the road to our dream of ownership.  On 2017 May 12, we signed the Limited Warranty Deed.
Enter, Rejoice, and Come In!  On 2017 May 26, our Board members met with Cliff Lancey in the closing attorney’s office in downtown Ellijay and signed the papers that gave us title to the building.
On June 16, we signed the Promissory Note between Ann H. Low and MLUUC and the Deed to Secure Debt and Security Agreement.
The story continues…

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