Pandemic Protocol

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Beginning June 01, 2021, the MLUUC Board of Directors has decided to re- open the Mountain Light church building to its pre-pandemic status. This means we are open for in-person attendance at Sunday worship services (while continuing the Zoom option), social activities including potlucks, activities and team meetings, as well opening for use of the facility by outside groups in accordance with our facility use policies. All gatherings in the building will follow the then-current CDC guidelines for in-person gatherings.

While the Board recognizes the virus continues to spread, we also recognize that many of our congregants have been fully vaccinated. Based on these considerations, the Board believes opening and following current CDC guidelines is a reasonable approach to the current situation.

Please be aware that Presenters and Service Leaders have the option to appear virtually or physically; therefore, they may or may not be in the building.  Either way, we will continue to stream our services live via Zoom for the foreseeable future, and the Zoom program will be displayed on our monitors at the church.

For worship services, entry is restricted to the front door.  For those that are not fully vaccinated, face masks (available at check in) are required as well as social distancing is necessary to attend.  Please join us from home if you have any flu-like or COVID-like symptoms.

Our Fellowship begins at 10:00.   

Even with these pandemic protocols in place, we are unable to guarantee that you will not be exposed to the virus.  Therefore, by entering our building, you voluntarily assume all risks related to COVID-19 exposure and agree not to hold MLUUC liable for any illness or injury.  Be responsible.  Be safe.

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