Sunday Service, July 23

On Sunday morning, July 23, 2017, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church in Ellijay will celebrate our newly acquired status as owners of our own building with a unique service, in which our congregation will provide guidance to the Board of Directors for renovating our church building and grounds.  For weeks, the congregation has been gathering individual renovation recommendations written in a special format.  On Sunday, the congregation will begin the systemic analysis of those recommendations.

Each of the recommendations is expressed in terms of a specific, tactical component which enables a long-term, values-based, strategic component.  Those strategic components exemplify one or more of our Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles.  Recommendation example: Expand meeting and group planning areas (tactical component) so we can welcome larger gatherings and strengthen our community (strategic component).

This congregational meeting will be an important step in our collaborative strategic planning process which will yield values-based goals, mission-oriented outcomes in service of those goals, methods of achieving outcomes, resources required to employ those methods, and a sequence of phased renovations to support operations and programs.

Mountain Light, 2502 Tails Creek Road (282 West), in Ellijay is a Welcoming Congregation.  We welcome guests of all faiths, ethnicities and gender identification.  Our coffee and fellowship begins at 10 a.m., followed by the service from 10:30 to 11:30.

Religious Education is provided for children.  Children are also welcome to attend our services in the sanctuary.  For information about our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles and our future services, please go to