Membership Data

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This section deals with data analytics, specifically as the science applies to our raw membership data. For the purpose of drawing better conclusions about that information, the definition of "inactive member" is further expanded within all membership data sets.

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Color Coding

active Currently in good standing.
inactive (around) Known (or strongly suspected) to be in that same location as when active. Reason for inactivity may or may not be specified.
inactive (moved) Known (or strongly suspected) to have moved away. However, this may not be the original reason for the inactive status. It does indicate that the reactivation of active status is unlikely.
inactive (unknown) Despite various attempts to locate, no definitive data was found. Could be around, moved, or even deceased.
deceased Known to have passed away or reported by another member to have died.
error Data entered into the record is known to be incorrect. This includes wrongly recorded dates, double signings (members signing a second time), guests signing the membership book (thinking it a guest book), and various other cited instances.