Mountain Light UUC using Zoom to offer interactive live streaming events. This page will assist virtual attendees in connecting and help them with how to use the platform.

How to Connect

OPTION 1: If you have a tablet/iPad, a smartphone, or a computer that is connected to the internet which has both a webcam and a microphone, then join Zoom by clicking the link for the event that you wish to join (or copy and paste the link into your browser). Follow any instructions provided, which may ask you to download a file and install it. You may also be required to provide a Password. [The link, Meeting ID and Password are specific to the particular event you are virtually attending. You will find this information in the newsletter or on our calendar.]

OPTION 2: If you have a computer connected to the internet that does not have a webcam and/or microphone, follow the instructions in Option 1. This option will allow you to see and hear the other attendees, but they will not be able to see or hear you. To join the audio (so you can speak to others), use Option 3 in conjunction with this Option 2.

OPTION 3: You may join the event like a conference call (no video) by calling the phone number associated with the event and entering the meeting ID when requested. You may also be required to enter a Password. [The Meeting ID and Password are specific to the particular event you are virtually attending. You will find this information in the newsletter or on our calendar.]

Once you are connected, if no one can hear you, then either you do not have a microphone or the settings for the microphone need adjusting. If you can not hear others, then your volume settings need adjusting. Note that there could be as many as 3 places to check: the computer’s main volume control, the Zoom app’s volume, and the browser tab’s volume (there will be a speaker icon in the tab if this applies).

Here’s a video from Zoom that shows how to join a Zoom meeting.

Important: These issues should be resolved in a connectivity test rather than disrupting an event already in session. If you are unable to attend the connectivity test (see newsletter and calendar for date and time), then request a personal tutorial (click here).

Note: You do not need a Zoom account (and certainly not a paid account) to connect to our events, but you can use your own account when connecting via our links. For more information on Zoom, please visit their website:

Online Etiquette for Streaming Events

Please mute your sound until it is time for you to participate. Figure out how to do this before the meeting. If there is substantial noise at your location, then keep your sound muted for the duration of your connection.

Remember that if you have a webcam, others can see you and your location. Please dress appropriately and be aware of anything that you may not want to broadcast to the public.

Use the comment or chat feature during the event to convey important points during the event rather than interrupting the presentation.

Use the “raise hand” feature when invited to do so. The hosts will unmute you when it is your turn to speak.

When speaking, please start off by saying your name. This will especially help those who are attending the event by conference call.

Follow Up Points

If you are able, then please make notes with suggestions on what you like, did not like, or would like to change in this format and send them to us.

A recording will be available online for many of our events. You can find Sunday services information here: Worship Services Archive