SWIM’s Winter Retreat will be online this year

SWIM 2021 Registration open
SWIM is a week (December 27 – January 1) of virtual UU fun, fellowship and growth with workshops, concerts and special events. SWIM is an intentional, inter-generational community of Unitarian Universalists and friends, including awesome people like YOU! We normally gather in South Florida in December but will again meet virtually in 2021. For further information and to register, visit SWIMUU.org

SWIM is a gathering to form an intergenerational intentional community based on Unitarian Universalist principles and values. It nurtures open communication, inclusiveness, spirituality, and growth. It is an inspirational and safe place to play, grow, and take risks in a supportive environment, encouraging self-awareness and personal responsibility unhindered by limiting societal expectations.
SWIM is an all-volunteer organization of participants who are enthusiastic, talented, diverse, and committed to creating a joyous experience.
SWIM celebrates diversity both within and outside our community and expects all participants to demonstrate personal responsibility and respect for self and others as well as our environment.
SWIM offers a myriad of experiences and opportunities that are challenging and nourishing to mind, body, and soul. Some of our activities are workshops, trips, worship, art, dance, music, (virtual) campfire, and athletics.

Candy Gale and MaryAnn Somervill
The Southeast (Unitarian Universalist) Winter Institute Mid-Florida

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