Our Worship Team is responsible for scheduling Presenters and making sure that we have smoothly operating Sunday services.  If you would like to join our Team, please feel free to attend one of our quarterly meeting or ask a member for more information.

Our key contacts:  Dee Stennett (overall coordinator & presenter scheduler), John Puett (music director), Lorraine Jones (song leader), Ann Low (service leader scheduler), Mike Jones (AV & Zoom; setup), and Stacey Day (communications).

The following information on objectives and goals is from the Worship Team Charter developed in late 2019 by the Team, and therefore does not directly address the multi-platform (in person and Zoom) services currently in place.

Worship Team Objectives

  • Coordinate and schedule speakers for weekly Sunday morning services consistent with the annual MLUUC budget;
  • Promote and effectively communicate MLUUC worship programs within MLUUC congregation and local community;
  • Plan and approve various worship programs consistent with guidance from the MLUUC Board of Directors;
  • Oversee the execution of worship programs to include facilities, media, music selection, and service leader coordination; and,
  • Continually evaluate and improve MLUUC worship programs and provide periodic feedback to the MLUUC Board of Directors.

Worship Team Goals

1.    Clarify and communicate specific roles and responsibilities for individuals responsible for planning and implementing various aspects of Sunday morning worship;

2.    Develop and document comprehensive operating procedures to facilitate effective planning, coordinating and executing Sunday morning worship services;

3.    Schedule rotational clergy consistent with the MLUUC annual budget and unpaid speakers during the remaining Sundays assuring that topics are relevant to Unitarian Universalist Association guiding principles and the MLUUC’s mission;

4.    Assure that mandatory programs (e.g. LBGTQ topics, Annual Congregation Meeting) are incorporated into schedules in order to satisfy MLUUC chartered responsibilities as well as traditional programs (Water Service, Flower Service) desired by the congregation.

5.    In order to promote interest in MLUUC and increase worship service attendance, provide timely and complete weekly announcements for publication in local newspapers fully identifying MLUUC speakers and describing their topics;

6.    Develop and thoroughly document detailed instructions for setting up the facility for worship services in order to assure continuity of services;

7.    Consistently publish handouts to communicate and indoctrinate guests and newcomers with the order of service, upcoming programs, announcements, and Unitarian/Universalist guiding principles and MLUUC mission;

8.    Establish standards for worship services including guidelines and resources for planning and coordinating weekly worship services; and

9.    Facilitate the smooth execution of worship services through improved coordination of media, music, and methods.

Additional long-term goals for 2021 and beyond include:

1.    Conducting annual congregational surveys to determine satisfaction, preferences, and recommendations regarding the MLUUC morning worship service experience.

2.    Facilitating expanded worship programs (e.g. Sunday evening, Wednesday evening, Youth Services) as approved by the Board of Directors.

3.    Organizing an MLUUC choral group to enhance and lead music during services and to enrich congregational worship experience.

4.    Expanding rotational clergy, within budget constraints, to offer the MLUUC congregation additional variety and more diverse viewpoints.

5.    Hosting one or more joint worship services with sister congregations or other denominations to enhance awareness of the MLUUC’s worship experience.