Unruly Bodies: Embracing (and Sharing) our Unique Stories

At some point, all are touched by illness, disability, aging, or loss of function. Our fear, pity, and awkwardness often accompany conversations about those inevitable changes, leading to silence and stigma rather than understanding. If we can’t talk about these issues, how can we embrace our changing selves or the changes in those we love?

2018 JUL 01

Ken Sizemore, folk singer and guitarist, has been performing music all over the country for more than 40 years. His repertoire includes the “classic” folk music of the 50s, 60s, 70s and selections from pop artists and country greats. Service Leader: Geraldine Barker.

2018 JUL 08

Rev. Barry Whittemore is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister having served at the GA Mountains UU Church in Dahlonega. He also has served congregations in Birmingham AL, Outlaw’s Bridge Universalist Church in NC, and Holston Valley UUC in TN.  Service Leader: Ed Wolpert.

Speak with Bravest Fire

Whilst powerful oratory stirs us to emotional heights, it is not the words alone but also the deeds that follow which put promises into action that inspire. However, powerful words and great acts are essentially meaningless if Love is not the intent that guides them.

2018 JUL 22

Pastor/ Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy’s ministry is infused with his Pentecostal roots, Wicca, and Science of Mind, which he has studied and practiced for over 30 years. Service Leader: Colleen Burdick.

2018 AUG 05

Dr. Dillard is a prominent professor of rhetoric at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, GA. He is an interfaith minister who is a frequent and popular speaker at Mountain Light.

2018 AUG 12

Rev. Jennifer Dalton is currently ordained and recognized by the Alliance of Baptists and considers herself a Unitarian Universalist Baptist.