What’s So Amazing About Grace?

What’s So Amazing About Grace? By Rev. Lorraine Jones (Adapted from sermon by Rev. Marlin Lavinhar) One of the most wonderful and potentially problematic ideas in religion is grace. It implies that no matter what a person has done, that person can still enjoy the gift of grace. Most people prefer a world in which … Continued

Sola Gratia or Works Alone? Who’s in charge here anyway?

What do we mean by Grace? What are the long term implications of its rejection? These topics will be explored in the context of Unitarian, Universalist, and UU history. Special attention will be paid to the theological conversations that did not take place at the time of the 1961 merger of the two churches.

The Caring Community

2019 February 03 Karl Seidman “The Caring Community” The concept of a Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church Caring Community, as developed jointly by members Blenda Fairman and Karl Seidman, borrows from concepts in gerontology. We would focus on: getting to know each other better through sharing common interests to create a more close-knit community and … Continued