Wisdom of the Body

Miaoming, from Heart Chan, presents: Wisdom of the Body, mindfulness of our commitments in thoughts, words, and actions. He will discuss how Chan practice, quieting of body and mind, can be practical in helping us keep our vows, commandments, precepts, etc.. those promises to self that we can so easily become distracted from by the … Continued

New Member Celebration

This Sunday will be a chance for our new members to be introduced to the congregation as we will pair each new member with a current member to conduct introductions at the service. Current members ask new members to write a brief biographical sketch for the congregation. New members may share as much or as … Continued

Shut Up and Listen: A Lost Art

In forty-two years of living, I have never met a person who said to me: “I am a bad listener.”  Most of us assume we are good listeners; most assume that listening is a passive activity that comes naturally. I argue that listening is both a talent and a gift we can give to the … Continued