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Mary Anderson

Growing up I attended the Baptist and then the Christian Church with my parents. It never felt right. I never felt at home. As an adult I hardly ever attended church. Once I moved to Ellijay I was told about Mountain Light UU Church. I … read more.

Karl Seidman

I first visited Mountain Light just a few years ago–Terry [Woehr] said I would like it, and she was right.  And when I signed the membership book Gayle said I would be a better person for it–and she was right, too.   And here is my … read more.

Ed Wolpert

My first encounter with UU was 60 years ago in  Rochester, NY, at the church Susan B. Anthony had attended. Since then I’ve been affiliated with UUs in Brooklyn, Muncie Indiana, Atlanta, and now Ellijay. At each location, I always felt welcome, included, listened to, … read more.

Terry Woehr

Why Mountain Light UU Church is my faith community

Way, way back in my youth I was raised Catholic.  The questioning part of me had a terrible time staying within the well-defined lines and walls Catholicism had drawn centuries ago…so much so that one day, the … read more.

Helen Greene

I was raised Catholic and went to a women’s Catholic college, was married at a Catholic Church. Left the church in 1970 and gave up church entirely. When I retired, I decided to move to Georgia to be near my daughter.  A good friend told me … read more.

Gayle Wood

My husband, Bruce, and I first discovered Mountain Light in May 2011. We had been hoping to find a Unitarian church in north Georgia since moving to Talking Rock in 2010. We knew immediately we had found our church home.

Mountain Light exemplifies the Unitarian belief … read more.

Laura Sturgis

My husband and I have visited Unity and UU Churches for many years but this is the first time we have become members of a UU Congregation. Why? MLUUC is BY FAR the most friendly, kind, and accepting congregation we have ever encountered in our … read more.

Ann Low

I have been a Unitarian Universalist for over 50 years and was delighted to find MLUUC when we moved to Ellijay from Atlanta. It is so great to have a group that doesn’t tell you what you have to believe, but lets you follow your … read more.

Lorraine Jones

I came to Mountain Light as an act of defiance towards a fundamentalist Christian rehab group that required my daughter to attend church each Sunday that she was allowed home.  I could not bear the churches that were approved for her and, in desperation, remembered … read more.

Kasey Castleberry

I have always been a Universalist, though I was unfamiliar with the term until much later in my life.  I believe that All-That-Is vibrates at the frequency of Love, so how could any “Father” damn His children to Hell?

Mind, I have lots of “less than orthodox” … read more.