Ron Sturgis

Spirituality and Personality Type

On 2018 FEB 25, Ron Sturgis, Captain (Retired), Chaplain, USN, Ph.D., discussed the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and how Personality Types influence personal growth and spirituality. In addition, he discussed the relationship between personality type and religious preference and how different personalities approach spiritual practice. To view his PowerPoint Presentation  (2 MB), please click this … Continued

Church Growth for the 21st Century

Church Growth in the 21st Century By Ron Sturgis, Ph.D 7 Statistics that Predict Church Growth Most American churches have 80 or fewer worshippers each week and fewer than 45 percent of churches have grown more than 2 percent in the last five years, according to a study from the Hartford Institute for Religion Research. … Continued

Pastoral Care

PASTORAL CARE By Ron Sturgis, Ph.D What is pastoral care? Pastoral care is a term that can broadly apply to a ministry of compassion, encouragement, and transformation to a person or persons in need of support from a spiritual care-giver. While the breadth of pastoral care is such that strict definitions are insufficient, the following … Continued