Rev. Scott Dillard

2019 May 12

Mother’s Day. Rev. Dillard is an ordained Interfaith Minister and a Professor of Rhetoric at GCSU in Milledgeville GA. He has a Bachelor’s in Speech Communication from Blackburn College and an M.S. and PhD in Speech Communication (Performance Studies) from Southern Illinois University.

You’ve Got to Have Friends

2018.08.05: Friends are part of our life blood in traveling this world.  We need them, seek them out, and lean on them. We strive to be good friends in turn. There is also a spiritual element to friendships which this sermon will explore. Listen to the audio: Sermon Only [24:38] Sermon & Discussion [30:13]

Welcoming The Marginalized

How do we bring those who have been historically marginalized in the church into the community? What does it look like to create a space where all are welcomed and valued as members of that community? We will explore what we can do to help facilitate a more welcoming and inclusive church.

Your Momma Raised You Right

Speaker: Rev. Scott Dillard Both our actual mothers and our ideal sense of what a mother should or could be are worthy of our celebration. Motherhood is a sense of caring, nurturing, and inspiration which is, perhaps, our first glimpse into the divine. Today’s sermon will celebrate that spirit of the Mother! Service Leader: Gayle … Continued

Tom Norris Memorial

This day the friends and family of Tom Norris celebrate the memory of his life.

The Compassionate Heart

Relationships can be said to start with a feeling of compassion for one another, for being able to acknowledge the suffering of others, and to be able to want to reach across whatever divides us to see the world from the perspective of others. By looking at compassion as a spiritual practice, we may bridge … Continued

The Spiritual Practice of Change

With all change comes loss. When we become something new, we lose the old. But spiritual growth doesn’t happen without change. How we manage this change and even embrace it is a necessary way forward in becoming as fully present to the divine and to one another than is possible.

The Divine Mother in All of Us

On this Mother’s Day, we will look at the love of the Mother not just as a biological relationship but a relationship we might all share with connecting to the divine.


As we live out our daily lives, we encounter difficulties that sometimes seem to stop us in our tracks and, perhaps, render us immobile. What we need is encouragement to move forward, to speak our truth, to stand in our knowingness of what is right for us.