Rev. Jennifer Dalton

Sitting in the Darkness

2018 December 09 Rev. Jennifer Dalton “Sitting in the Darkness” Listen to Audio We sit in the darkness, like our ancestors, awaiting the return of the sun. As we prepare for the longest night of the year and the return of the sun, can we quietly sit in the darkness? Service Leader: Mel  Tidwell

Do You Know Any Men Who Never Raped Anyone? Me, Too.

Assuming that sexual assault is “just part of growing up” is an insult to all men. The noxious notion of acceptability for any level of sexual assault is another cultural dragon that the Me Too movement and basic moral reasoning must slay.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear

What motivates us in our daily lives? What do we fear? Our fears can block us from living our best lives. So, how do we overcome our fears and strive to live in the most mindful, most loving way in which we are capable?   Listen to the service: sermon only [20:56] sermon & discussion … Continued

Honoring Our Fathers

Today’s sermon will focus on the idea of toxic masculinity and how gender stereotypes are harmful not just to our daughters but also to our sons. Does today’s society celebrate toxic masculinity while failing to celebrate the masculine? Can we honor our fathers by creating more choices for our sons?

It’s All Relational

Our 7th principle affirms and promotes “respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”  Can we imagine how this web connects the human species, how we are living consistently in relationship with each other and the world around us?  Is our relationship with the world, with one another, healthy?

The Ethical Use of Power

The news media has recently been filled with stories of powerful people who abused their authority and position. Each of us may find ourselves in situations every day where we wield power. How can we be more aware of these situations and more aware of how we wield power in our personal and public lives?

Where do you find your Hope?

Across many faiths December brings holidays, festivals of light that celebrate the rebirth of the sun and the renewal of hope. In the darkness of winter, where do we each find our hope? And is hope as simple as wishing for the best, or does it have a deeper significance in our hearts?

Listening to the Other

How do we listen to and bring ourselves to connect to those who are espousing ideas we vehemently oppose?  How do we listen to that which is absolutely abhorrent; how do we listen when we hear that which challenges the very core of our beliefs?

Shut Up and Listen: A Lost Art

In forty-two years of living, I have never met a person who said to me: “I am a bad listener.”  Most of us assume we are good listeners; most assume that listening is a passive activity that comes naturally. I argue that listening is both a talent and a gift we can give to the … Continued

The Search for Happiness

Rev Jennifer Dalton discarded her original topic to talk about the timely subject of Transgender persons and those in transition. Sometimes, in a world that has been comfortable with people being ‘he’ or ’she’ with variations in orientation, the dilemma of what pronoun to use for a transitioning person might elicit giggles. That, of course … Continued