Rev. Jennifer Dalton

Listening to the Other

How do we listen to and bring ourselves to connect to those who are espousing ideas we vehemently oppose?  How do we listen to that which is absolutely abhorrent; how do we listen when we hear that which challenges the very core of our beliefs?

Shut Up and Listen: A Lost Art

In forty-two years of living, I have never met a person who said to me: “I am a bad listener.”  Most of us assume we are good listeners; most assume that listening is a passive activity that comes naturally. I argue that listening is both a talent and a gift we can give to the … Continued

The Search for Happiness

Rev Jennifer Dalton discarded her original topic to talk about the timely subject of Transgender persons and those in transition. Sometimes, in a world that has been comfortable with people being ‘he’ or ’she’ with variations in orientation, the dilemma of what pronoun to use for a transitioning person might elicit giggles. That, of course … Continued

And a Child Shall Lead Them

We are facing a new year with new challenges ahead.  How can we do so with energy, with a fresh perspective?  How do we maintain positivity in light of many of the tragedies we hear about every day?  How do we face a New Year with a sense of renewal rather than skepticism? sermon.