Rev. David-Michael Searcy

It’s Out with the Old and in with the Bold

2019.01.20 –  Pastor, Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy “Out with the Old – In with the Bold” Listen to Audio Dr. Norman Vincent Peel wrote: “There is a spiritual giant within you, which is always struggling to burst it’s way out of the prison you have made for it.” We will be celebrating with … Continued

Imagine What a Wonderful World We Live in

2018 NOV 25 Pastor/ Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy “Imagine What a Wonderful World We Live in” Imagine a world with no possessions, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man, as we see friends shaking hands saying: “How do you do?” But, what we are really saying is: “I Love You.” … Continued

Before the Parade Passes By

We are surrounded by blessings, but we sometimes focus on the lower vibrations of unhappiness and unworthiness. All of us are surrounded by challenges and difficulties, but it’s time for us to hold our heads up high and get some life back into our lives and feel our hearts come alive again.

Teach Us To Pray

We enhance our spiritual practice, making the most of our meditation, affirmation, and Affirmative Prayer when we no longer approach prayer as the asking/demanding of a God who gives but as an understanding our At-One-Ment and allowing this unification with the One to move through us, as us, and through all of Life.

Let the Light in, LightWorker, and Awaken

As Lightworkers, we live our Lightworkers Creed. Our purpose is to serve others, to contribute our hearts to the world, and to raise  consciousness. How are you practicing being of service? What energies do you bring into this world? What are you already being in your personal life that you love?

If You’re Out There

We are the risen Christ, and we are ready to shake the world and help the human family to Believe again, because it starts within. We don’t have to wait for destiny; we should be the change that we want to see.  ***This is an Easter Sunrise service in Coosawatee River Resort.

Be My Valentine

This is a time to tell our loved ones and friends with whom we may not agree that we love them. It is a time to practice Jesus’s commandments to love God and your neighbor and to practice Buddha’s compassion for all human beings regardless of religion, race, gender, creed, or sexual creation.

Celebrating Loss with Its Many Faces

Death is followed by rebirth; The end of the old year is followed by the beginning of the new year; Light is born out of darkness, they are inseparable, necessary; Seeds now hidden in the earth will germinate and grow. Look for the seeds in yourself!

The Oceans of Our Lives

We are one with Divinity, and we call upon the name of our Higher selves and that name that we have attached to the One, to keep our eyes above the waves. When the oceans rise, our lives will rest in the embrace of Goddess/God.