Rev. David-Michael Searcy

Love Thy Self

Love of self, in Greek, is “Philautia”, not in the light of narcissism but to connect with the healthier and spiritual side. This love creates a deeper and more intimate relationship with our inner, higher selves. Then we are able to love our neighbors that we can see and Love Goddess/God that we can’t see.

This Is Me

2019.05.26 – Pastor, Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy “This Is Me“ Listen to Audio Giving away your personal power robs you of your spiritual and mental strength. We have to make conscious choices to take back our power which is key to being in control in our lives. There is a place for all of … Continued

Easter Sunrise Service: Come As You Are

Forgiving much, and now Loving Much. When we say, come as you are, we mean it. Open Hands and Open Hearts Believe It. Whosoever will, drink until you’re filled, let down your guard, and Come As You Are. [Service will be inside Coosawattee River Resort. RSVP required.]

In Prayer

Prayer is finding that secret place to hear the gentle voice that guides the way, opening that sacred door that’s always ajar, that place where all are welcomed into the Holy Atmosphere where our spirits are reborn and every mind can be transformed. In Prayer, we can find the strength to live and finally forgive.

It’s Out with the Old and in with the Bold

2019.01.20 –  Pastor, Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy “Out with the Old – In with the Bold” Listen to Audio Dr. Norman Vincent Peel wrote: “There is a spiritual giant within you, which is always struggling to burst it’s way out of the prison you have made for it.” We will be celebrating with … Continued

Imagine What a Wonderful World We Live in

2018 NOV 25 Pastor/ Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy “Imagine What a Wonderful World We Live in” Imagine a world with no possessions, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man, as we see friends shaking hands saying: “How do you do?” But, what we are really saying is: “I Love You.” … Continued

Before the Parade Passes By

We are surrounded by blessings, but we sometimes focus on the lower vibrations of unhappiness and unworthiness. All of us are surrounded by challenges and difficulties, but it’s time for us to hold our heads up high and get some life back into our lives and feel our hearts come alive again.

Teach Us To Pray

We enhance our spiritual practice, making the most of our meditation, affirmation, and Affirmative Prayer when we no longer approach prayer as the asking/demanding of a God who gives but as an understanding our At-One-Ment and allowing this unification with the One to move through us, as us, and through all of Life.

Let the Light in, LightWorker, and Awaken

As Lightworkers, we live our Lightworkers Creed. Our purpose is to serve others, to contribute our hearts to the world, and to raise  consciousness. How are you practicing being of service? What energies do you bring into this world? What are you already being in your personal life that you love?

If You’re Out There

We are the risen Christ, and we are ready to shake the world and help the human family to Believe again, because it starts within. We don’t have to wait for destiny; we should be the change that we want to see.  ***This is an Easter Sunrise service in Coosawatee River Resort.