Rev. David-Michael Searcy

Celebrating Loss with Its Many Faces

Death is followed by rebirth; The end of the old year is followed by the beginning of the new year; Light is born out of darkness, they are inseparable, necessary; Seeds now hidden in the earth will germinate and grow. Look for the seeds in yourself!

The Oceans of Our Lives

We are one with Divinity, and we call upon the name of our Higher selves and that name that we have attached to the One, to keep our eyes above the waves. When the oceans rise, our lives will rest in the embrace of Goddess/God.

We Really Can Change The World

When we step into our Christ Consciousness, which is our Higher Selves, we can move the mountains in our lives and in the lives of others.  It is through our faith, love, and our deeper knowing that our Love will always triumph over all.

Easter Sunrise Service: Nothing Happens without You

Our Easter message is the reawakening and the rolling away of the stone of self-deception and raising our spiritual consciousness of the I AM in all of us. In the translated words of the poet Rumi: “Nothing Happens without the I Am.”  This service is at the Woehr residence. Brunch follows.

Don’t Go Back to Sleep

From the inspiration of Rumi, this is the time for us to be alert and full of compassion. This is the time where we must ask for what we really want because the door is round and open, and we must consciously be in our knowing and not go back to sleep!

A Metaphysical Contemporary Look at Imbolc, Groundhog Day, and Candlemas

What does this ancient holiday mean to us today? This is an important time for us to get in touch with whatever nourishes our souls. Have you left your interest behind to focus on your career, monetary gain, or your daily life routines?  This is a Youth Sunday and our Potluck.

Peace Train

Now that the elections are behind us, we are called to higher vibration of consciousness and to be reminded that we collectively create our reality.  We as co-creators with Source Energy create the future world that is congruent with our most beautiful dreams for ourselves, humanity and the planet.


This Sunday we will discuss living with vertigo and moving out of the embarrassment and shame around the dis-ease, finding the spiritual meaning, walking in forgiveness and LOVING The Self.

The Lord’s Prayer / Matthew 6:9-13

There is much to be healed and forgiven. We are called to go deeper in our prayer work for ourselves to uncover any and all places that we are still wounded.  We have to celebrate the differences in all people and accept those differences without judgment or agenda. Life is Precious, handle with prayer.