Rev. Barry Whittemore

Coming Home to Universalism?

Dr. Whittemore tells us that Unitarians and Universalists held different beliefs about ultimate destiny and who made the decisions; a theological conversation that was never held at the merger. Have we, and has our culture chosen the better path or not?

Liberalism’s Failure

Dr. Whittemore will raise the issues of whether labels and categories really matter. What do they really mean? Are they useful or do they mask more important and deeper issues? Service Leader: Ed Wolpert.

Remembering Robert Low

A celebration of life service for Robert Low, conducted by Dr. Barry Whittemore. Robert was an active and valued member of MLUUC since 2014 who passed away on December 29. The memorial service will be followed by a repast. Members and friends are asked to bring vegetables, salad, or dessert to share.

For Faith is a Gift from God: Religious Toleration

Come celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda, essentially the first act of religious toleration in the western world.  It was a decree issued in the Kingdom of Transylvania in 1568 authorizing local communities to freely elect preachers, allow the public discussion of dogma, and prohibit the persecution of individuals on religious grounds.

Traditional Answers for the Modern Derangement

We will look at a couple of serious problems in the modern world and their sometimes surprising sources and ask why are we doing virtually nothing to address them. The hopeful answers will also surprise (and not necessarily please) many.

Who’s a good Christian? … I mean, really!

Once again (as usual) there is a struggle over the soul of American Christianity.  In these turbulent times, what does it mean to be a true Christian and who is fulfilling that role?  Does one have to be a self-proclaimed Christian to do so?  The answer need not be an Ostentatious one.

The Continuity of Universalism

Rev Whittemore will address our traditional sources of strength, as opposed to our usual ones, for chaotic times such as these.

Amos: A Prophet for our times

In times such as these, it behooves us to look deep into our history at the insight, wisdom, and power of our ancient prophets and progenitors of our religion. A little advance reading might be beneficial.