Ken Sizemore

All You Need Is Love

In this presentation, Ken Sizemore will perform songs celebrating romantic love and committed relationships.  All these songs of love will be appropriate to any committed couple regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation–if two people love one another, these songs will be for and about them.

The Old Folkie

Our friend, Ken Sizemore, returns to give us another great musical service.  Potluck after the service.

Folk Music UU Style

The presentation this Sunday will be a musical performance by our friend, the old folkie himself, Ken Sizemore.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize: The Soundtrack Of The Civil Rights Movement

Ken Sizemore will perform the music that was played and sung at the rallies, marches, concerts, and protests of this important era in American history. Come and sing along to the songs that helped give courage and hope to those working for justice and fairness in the 50s and 60s. Service Leader: Bruce Wood; Music: … Continued