Kasey Castleberry

Speak with Bravest Fire

Note: This sermon was delivered by Kasey Castleberry on 2018 July 15 to the congregation of Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church.  This copy is still being edited.  “Speak with Bravest Fire” Though I may speak with bravest fire, And have the gift to all inspire, AND have not love, my words are vain, As sounding … Continued

Compassion through Mindfulness

Because our faith unites us in a strong tradition of seeking social justice for all people, we sometimes forget that we each have unique approaches to our common ends.  Let us begin this new year by having crucial conversations which welcome different viewpoints and strengthen our beloved community.

A Spiritual Response to Hate and Ignorance

Have you found yourself in an awkward position that made you uncomfortable and unsure how to respond? If we are to honor our principles, then it behooves us to know how to confront such situations with compassion. Standing on the Side of Love is not always easy, but let us explore how we might succeed. (RE)