Karl Seidman

A Day of Thanks

This day will be given over to the congregation. People will be invited to come forward and share a short list or story about things for which we are thankful.

Holocaust Remembrance Week

MLUUC member, Karl Seidman, will present, “An Interview With Nina Jacobs, a Hidden Child of the Holocaust”. Nina was secretly taken out of the Vilna Ghetto as a young child and hidden with a Polish farm couple. This is her first person account.

Guiding Concepts

There are commonalities between our UU Principles and several of the concepts which guide the United States, contained in significant documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Karl will explain what he suggests we might call a common paradigm between the two – a common way of looking at things.

The Holocaust and Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony

Mountain Light friend, Karl Seidman, will deliver a presentation on the Holocaust. He has been chairman of the Holocaust Remembrance Program in Citrus County, Florida.  His interest in the Holocaust dates back to the 1990s when he was a docent for the Ann Frank exhibit in South Brunswick NJ.