Dr. Terri Thrower

Understanding Ableism

2019.01.27 –  Dr. Terri Thrower “Understanding Ableism” Listen to Audio For more information able addressing ableism, click here to visit EqUUal Access: Including ALL, Changing Attitudes. As a society we acknowledge racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and heterosexism as biased, bigoted, and just plain wrong.   However, Ableism (which favors and privileges the able-bodied over those with disability), … Continued

Unruly Bodies: Embracing (and Sharing) our Unique Stories

Sunday, 2018 June 24 – Our bodies (physical, mental, emotional) are continually changing, whether we like it or not. At some point, we are all touched by illness, disability, aging, or loss of function. But, how comfortable are we in talking about those inevitable changes? Fear, pity, and awkwardness often accompany conversations about disability, aging, … Continued