Dr. Ron Sturgis

Church Positivity: Tips on Keeping a Spiritual Community Healthy

A former parish minister and senior Navy Chaplain administrator and Supervisor, Dr. Sturgis will discuss ways that a spiritual community can stay healthy and best position for future growth. He believes that one can only fully know oneself within authentic community which can sometimes be messy but should always strive to be unconditionally loving.

Boy Scouts of America

Dr. Ron Sturgis, a retired Eagle Scout, will give an informative presentation on the history of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), the codes and guidelines, the impact of scouting, and the recent policy changes for the inclusion of girls and LGBTQ leaders.

Optimism for the New Year

2019.01.13 Dr. Ron Sturgis “Optimism for the New Year“ Listen to Audio Dr. Sturgis provided an overview of the science of Positive Psychology: After a century of studying psychopathology, psychologists now have a comprehensive understanding of mental illness as defined in the DSM4. Social Scientists are now studying the efficacy of optimistic thought on wellness … Continued

Suicide Prevention: How to Spot the Warning Signs and Save a Life!

Dr. Sturgis discussed reasons why people commit suicide, risk factors for suicide, warning signs, and how care-givers can detect and help those at risk. Quite often there is the opportunity to save a life because there are suicidal people all around us in our everyday lives at work, church and in our communities. By Dr. … Continued