Bruce Wood

Legitimate Target

2018 November 11 Bruce Wood “Legitimate Target” Bruce discussed four main ideas with interconnected implications in his presentation. The first is the unique pledge veterans made upon enlistment to agree, in effect, to be legitimate targets in combat. It is morally and legally acceptable for soldiers of countries at war to kill each other. No … Continued

The Unitarian Universalist Touchstones Program and the Theme of Faith

Bruce will guide us through an overview of the Touchstones program and materials, using the theme of Faith as a primary example for this Sunday’s worship service. We plan to use Touchstones as an instrument of collaboration and an additional source of involvement opportunities for our members in worship services and faith in action programs

Building Renovation Plan

The Board of Directors wants input from the congregation about planning building renovation projects. Bruce Wood will run the discussion in a worship service.

7 Steps and One Principle of Social Advocacy

Bruce Wood will share a model useful for groups and individuals for how to gain public support for programs, policies, and efforts to effect social change, within the context of values-based strategic planning.

Courage to Care

Our scheduled speaker was unable to make it, so Col. Bruce Wood, US Army (Retired), made a similar presentation. Nate Watson will raise public awareness of issues surrounding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), in general and especially among military veterans. Nate is a disabled veteran himself and works as a PTSD specialist with the Air Force … Continued