Optimism for the New Year

Dr. Ron Sturgis
“Optimism for the New Year
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Dr. Sturgis provided an overview of the science of Positive Psychology: After a century of studying psychopathology, psychologists now have a comprehensive understanding of mental illness as defined in the DSM4. Social Scientists are now studying the efficacy of optimistic thought on wellness and happiness throughout the course of a lifespan. As it turns out, people who have optimistic world views tend to be happier and have better life outcomes than do people with negative outlooks. Dr. Sturgis will discuss these and other topics related to positive psychology.

Ron is a retired Navy Chaplain. He served 33 years in the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marines. Ron currently teaches psychology and military resilience courses and is a subject matter expert for Liberty University online. During college summers, Ron was a ranger at Philmont Scout Ranch near Red River, New Mexico. Ron has a BS in Psychology from the University of West Florida, a Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Seminary, a Master of Theology degree from Duke University and a PhD in Psychology from Northcentral University. Ron is an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ and has extensive experience as a pastoral care giver in a myriad of venues.

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