Wisdom of the Body

Miaoming, from Heart Chan, presents: Wisdom of the Body, mindfulness of our commitments in thoughts, words, and actions.

He will discuss how Chan practice, quieting of body and mind, can be practical in helping us keep our vows, commandments, precepts, etc.. those promises to self that we can so easily become distracted from by the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Overview bio:

Mark Troxell has been practicing meditation and working toward practical application of this in daily life since 1974.

He has a BA and MS degrees in Theology from Indiana University and a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese medicine from the Indiana College of Oriental Medicine.

He currently leads the International component of the Heartchan organization, headquartered in Taipei Taiwan.

Heartchan is a nonprofit, nondenominational practice, of centering mind, body, and spirit.. striving toward a healthy body, open and clear mind, and a connection to the sacred.. however we personally choose to define this connection.

At their Ellijay Sacred Light Mountain Retreat Center, they offer weekly practice/classes in Chan meditation, qigong and taichi, group and private retreats, and teacher training/support for Heartchan centers around the world.

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