Youth RE classes are currently offered every Sunday

Class is open to all children ages 5 and up 

Each Sunday, children attend the first portion of the service with their parents and are sung out to attend class. Children are dismissed from class when the main service is over.

Youth RE class helps to provide the children with a feeling of community and belonging with lots of fun activities and opportunity for growth and learning.

The Youth RE teacher is Gretchen Bandy and she has some exciting things in store for the children this year! Check back here for periodic updates on upcoming class events.

Our latest craft project – Clay Dogs:


Blaise brought her dog with her for craft day so it was only appropriate we craft up some dogs!

March RE Schedule:

3/1 – Games and Goodies Sunday – board games and snacks for the kids

3/8 – RE Lesson

3/15 – Create and Chat Sunday – a fun crafting project

3/22– RE Lesson

3/29 – RE Lesson

If you would like more information or have questions or comments for Gretchen, please feel free to contact her by clicking here

Registration for Youth RE (pick one):

  • come to church and ask our RE instructor for a form
  • click here for a printable form that you can bring with you
  • click here for an online form that can be completed on this website.