Youth Religious Education (Sunday School) meets twice a month during our regular Sunday service. During the 2018-19, we will meet the second and fourth Sundays of the month, with the exception of the month of May, when we’ll meet the first and third. Our learning experiences focus on the Seven Principles and world religions and holidays.   We have an eclectic mixed-ages group.  It is the perfect opportunity for our older students (middle and high school) to be leaders of our younger ones (preschool and up).

Registration for Youth RE (pick one):

  • come to church and ask our RE instructor for a form
  • click here for a printable form that you can bring with you
  • click here for an online form that can be completed on this website.

We look forward to seeing you!

January 13:  What is UU?

January 27:  The 7 Principles

February 10:  Love is my Religion

February 24:  UUs in History

March 10: Judaism and Passover

March 24: Wicca and Celtic Religions

April 14:  Christianity and Easter

April 28:  Taoism and Confucianism

May 5:  Flower Communion practice and prep

May 19:  Youth lead the annual Flower Communion



What is CHURCH??


STEM Challenge Fun:  We talked about the role of clean water in our lives, then students were tasked with building a boat that could hold the most weight.

The R.E. crew had fun exploring how to use our words instead of weapons on Star Wars Day.  We even had a visit from Yoda!