Do you have a special skill that you might like to share with us?  Do you have a need to expand your horizons within our beloved community?  If so, then volunteer. We need you and your wonderful gifts!

If you would like to participate, feel free to speak to someone on the Membership Team, to a Board Member, or to someone on the team in which you have interest.

Please send questions, comments, and corrections to

[page updated: 2019.09.12]

Membership Team: Linda Kelly (lead), Kasey Castleberry, Gayle Wood – Greeters needed!

Finance Team: Ed Wolpert (lead), Ann Low

Religious Education for Youth: Gretchen Bandy

Communications Team: Kasey Castleberry (coordinator, webmaster, social media), Geraldine Barker (newsletter), Laura Burton (Facebook)  –  WordPress editors needed!

Publicity: Susan Maloney and Diane Wickham (co-leads)

Social Justice: Helen Greene (lead)

Fellowship Baking: Lorraine Jones  (coordinator) –  More bakers needed!

Yukon Road Cleanup: Ted Woehr (coordinator)

Recycling Crew: Colleen Burdick  (coordinator), Kasey Castleberry

Property Team: Art Nelson (lead). Patrick Cavigliano, Gretchen Norris

Music: John Puett (coordinator), Lorraine Jones (song leader)

Sunday Services Team: Karl Seidman (coordinator), Kasey Castleberry (service leader coordinator)

Movie Night(s): new coordinator(s) needed for one or more recurring movie nights