Webinar on Ableism

Webinars on website: Understanding and Confronting Ableism February 25, 3:30 – 5:00 PM ET Ableism includes the practices and dominant attitudes in society that devalue and limit the potential of persons with disabilities. It encompasses practices and beliefs that assign inferior value (worth) to people who have developmental, emotional, physical or psychiatric disabilities, as … Continued

2019 FEB 17 Service

On 2019 February 17, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) in Ellijay welcomes our  member Rev. Lorraine Jones as our speaker.  Her sermon will be “What’s So Amazing About Grace?”  One of the most wonderful and potentially problematic ideas in religion is grace. It implies that no matter what a person has done, that person can … Continued

2019 FEB 10 Service

On 2019 February 10, Mountain Light UUC welcomes Rev. Barry Whittemore. The topic of his sermon will be: “Sola Gratia or Works Alone? Who’s in charge here anyway?” What do we mean by Grace? What are the long term implications of its rejection? These topics will be explored in the context of Unitarian, Universalist, and … Continued

Book Club Update

Laura and Ron Sturgis are avid readers and co-host a book club, which has transmuted into a dining/discussion forum.  They meet once a month at a different location to discuss the chosen book.  Ordering food is not required when meeting in a restaurant, and you are welcome to bring your young ones.  (The youngest Sturgis … Continued

Yukon Road Crew 2019 MAR

As the newly enthroned roadside clean up coordinator, I would like to set up a date for the next road side clean up.  I’m looking at the 1st Saturday in March (March 2nd) as the primary date and the 2nd Saturday (March 9th) as the alternate in the event of inclement weather. If those dates … Continued

Caring Community

Mountain Light UUC — Caring Community — Summary Proposal– February 2019 The Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church Caring Community began as a concept nurtured by Blenda Fairman, based on her many years of experience as a critical care nurse and her compassionate humanitarian ideas about caring for others in the community. Purpose– Borrowing from the … Continued

2019 JAN 27 Service

On 2019 January 27, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church welcomes Dr. Terri Thrower as our speaker.  Her topic will be “Understanding Ableism”. As a society we acknowledge racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and heterosexism as biased, bigoted, and just plain wrong.   However, Ableism (which favors and privileges the able-bodied over those with disability), too often remains intact, … Continued

Audio for 2019 JAN 20 Service Uploaded

The audio file for the Sunday Service on 2019 January 20 featuring Pastor, Lord & High Priest David-Michael Searcy (“Out with the Old – In with the Bold”) has been uploaded. Click here to access the archived service page.

Sunday Service 2019 JAN 13

On 2019 January 13, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) welcomes our member Dr. Ron Sturgis, His topic will be “Optimism for The New Year”.  Dr. Sturgis will provide an overview of the science of Positive Psychology. After a century of studying psychopathology, psychologists now have a comprehensive understanding of mental illness as defined in … Continued