Our Privacy Policy (2009)

This is earlier version was approved by the MLUUC Board of Directors on 2009 September 20.

Mountain Light UUC has established this privacy policy to explain how personal information is collected, protected, and used.

How Information is Collected and Protected

MLUUC does not knowingly collect any information from persons under the age of 18. If we learn that a person is under the age of 18, we will remove that person's information unless a parent or legal guardian grants permission to use it.

It is the policy of MLUUC that the privacy of any information provided is given as much protection as can reasonably be accomplished.

All members are requested but not required to provide contact information, including name, mailing address, email address, home telephone number, cell phone number, work number, as well as, additional information that they are willing to share with other members. This information is stored in a private database, inaccessible to the public.

Contact information will be solicited but not required from visitors. A hand written visitor log is used to request a visitor's name, email address, telephone number, and other statistics. Information on the visitor log will be transferred to digital format and stored in a private database unavailable to the public. All information provided by a visitor will be afforded the same level of protection given information collected from members.

How Information is Used

All provided information is available to any member of MLUUC upon request. Contact information will also be published in a membership directory, which will be distributed to each member. Member Profile information will never be presented or published in such a way that it is publicly available. If you do not want other members to have certain information (e.g., your cell phone number) do not provide it.

When deemed necessary, collected information may appear in private reports (available only to members of the congregation), such as attendance reports, summary reports, etc. These documents will never be publicly circulated or published in publicly accessible areas of the MLUUC website or other electronic media that may be used by MLUUC.

MLUUC collects data solely for internal use for organizational purposes.

  • We do not share your information with third parties for marketing or any other purposes.
  • We do not engage in cross-marketing or link-referral programs with other sites.
  • We do not employ tracking devices for marketing purposes.
  • We do not send you unsolicited communications for marketing purposes.

This policy was submitted by the Communications Team (Kasey Castleberry, Lead) to the Board of Directors of Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church and was approved, 2009 September 20.