Edward M. Wolpert

Ed WolpertPresentations: 2016 AUG 14.

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Born 1935 in Brooklyn NY.


  • Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts from University of Rochester, 1959-60
  • Bachelor of Arts from Georgia College, 1997
  • Doctorate degree from University of Kansas, 1970
  • Completed Professional Education Program in Financial Planning from College of Financial Planning, 1999

Career in Education (1962-2000)

  • Classroom teacher, Brooklyn elementary schools 1962-67
  • Instructor, University of Kansas, 1967-70
  • Faculty member, then chairman of Elementary Education department, Ball State University, 1970-83
  • Dean, School of Education, Georgia College & State University, 1983-2000

Career in Personal Finance (1995-present)

  • President of Oconee Financial Planning Services
  • Financial planner/advisor
  • Private investor with more than five decades of investing experience

Recent Publications:

  • The Young Adult's Guide to Financial Success, Second Edition 2016
  • Financial Planning for Retirement on Beyond: How to Finance the Rest of Your Life, 2014
  • A Conservative Approach to Trading Options, Second Edition, 2013

Military Service

  • US Army 1954-56

Religious Background

  • Jewish, reform/secular
  • Unitarian Universalist since age 1966
  • Member, then President of Unitarian Universalist Church in Muncie, Indiana 1970-83
  • Member, MLUUC 2015 to date

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