Amin Tomeh

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Amin Tomeh is an active speaker, trainer in addition to serving as a board member of the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta (ISB) until April 2011. ISB is a non-profit educational and outreach Atlanta organization founded in 2001. Over the past 6 years, Amin has presented "Getting to Know American Muslims and Islam" at schools, civic organizations, and various houses of worship. He is also a lead presenter of the "Meaningful Conversations – a Workshop for Muslims Speaking with People of Other Faiths". He participates on an ongoing basis in multi-faith discussions with Jews and Christians in an effort to gain understanding of each others' traditions and to build a stronger community.

Amin received his Bachelor's in Civil Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh at the age of 19 and Master's in Civil Engineering at the age of 21 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is a registered Professional Engineer and is co-founder and Principal of Matrix Engineering Group, Inc., a 16 year old, Atlanta-based engineering consulting firm. In addition to his engineering practice, Amin served as an Adjunct Instructor at Gwinnett Technical College and also serves on several construction committees at local Atlanta mosques. Amin is married to Rula Edilbi and has one son, Yusof, and one daughter, Noor. Amin enjoys getting to know people, travel, and spending time with his family.