Bob Sherrod

Bob Sherrod

Joined MLUUC

MLUUC Presentations: 2012 November 12.

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Introduction for Bob Sherrod

Bob Sherrod, Jr. was born into a media home, in Washington DC in l939. His father was a war correspondent for Time magazine and his mother had a fashion program on CBS or NBC. This early environment made today's speaker feel he had to be spectacular, both good and bad.

He attended the top prep schools and UNC Chapel Hill and would turn a failing grade into a D at the last minute by scoring an A. "The Crisis within it doeth the works." He has carried this formula out into the health field two times, being found unconscious in a locked apartment and rushed to a hospital and faced with tremendous odds.

He has been known to test the tester. He would often spell words two ways giving the teacher multiple choice. He tested both holistic health and modern medicine in the Peachtree Road Race, using the the formula "your body won't lie to you" from his hours and dollars spent in chiropractic care.

Employing the practice of Manageable Schizophrenia in Peachtree 2013, he wants to prove or disprove the Jews part in murdering God. It should be no surprise that he has also done stand-up comedy. Please welcome Bob Sherrod.