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Kasey joined Mountain Light UUC on 2006 January 22. Over the years with us, he as served in many different capacities: Communications Coordinator, Webmaster, the Newsletter Editor, Data Collector, Director of Sunday Services, Director at Large, President, and Vice President.

Kasey is a student of life who started UGA in the Fall of 1977 with enough credits that he should have graduated in three years or less. Instead, he could not decide on a major, moved to San Diego for five and half years, moved back to Georgia, and finally earned a BA in Sociology from Georgia State University in 1994, a mere 17 years later. He studied religion and philosophy, as well.

He likes to think of himself as a philosopher poet who practices Joy. He enjoys dabbling in languages, including those for website design, his current passion. And, he is a spherical relativist who believes that he creates his own reality.