Order of Service Template

The Sunday Service Bulletin is usually prepared by someone on the Sunday Services Team, but Service Leaders are responsible for providing the Order of Service within it. The template below is a general outline. Modify it as needed.

If you are a Service Leader preparing an OS, please follow these directions:

  • Copy & Paste the template below into your text editing program (Word, WordPad, Notepad, etc.).
  • Remove parentheses and replace contents with appropriate information.
  • When there is a choice (or), pick one and delete the others.
  • Move the order around if necessary.
  • Do not be too concerned with formatting, as that will be the concern of the publisher of the Sunday Bulletin.

Options: You may or may not have separate readings for the Chalice Lighting and Opening Words. You may want to insert an additional hymn. You may exclude readings for the Offering or other segments.

You can find readings and music in our hymnal Songs of the Living Tradition or from other sources. If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to email us (click here).


(Year Month Day)

Service Leader: (your name)

Welcome and Introduction of Visitors


Chalice Lighting: #(number & title)

Opening Words: #(number & title)

Opening Hymn: #(number & title)*

Candles of Community (or) Chimes of Community

Responsive Reading: #(number & title)

Meditation (or) Guided Meditation (or) Quiet Reflection

Offering (or) Offertory: #(number & title)


Introduction of Speaker: #(Presenter's name)

Sermon (or) Presentation (or) Program: (title)

Discussion (or) Questions

Closing Hymn: #(number & title)*

Closing Words: #(number & title)

Extinguishing of Chalice

*Please stand if you are able