Order of Service

Order of Service

2012 October 07

Service Leader: Kasey

Music: Karen Esterl (guitar)


Welcome and Introduction of Visitors

Chalice Lighting: Come into the Circle (youth reading)

Opening Words: #560, Commitment, by Dorothy Day

Opening Hymn: #118, This Little Light of Mine

Reading (responsive): #569, Stand by This Faith, by Olympia Brown

Candles of Community

Meditation: #123, Spirit of Life

Offering: Giving, by Kasey


Youth Journey: #413, Go Now in Peace

Introduction of Speaker: Karen Esterl
Program: Wise Women Who Wouldn't Wait: The Case of Olympia Brown


Closing Hymn: #140, Hail the Glorious Golden City

Closing Words: #578 The Great Lesson, by Olympia Brown

Extinguishing of Chalice