Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Annual Congregational Meeting

2016 June 05

After a wonderful breakfast and a short service presented by Helen Greene, we determined that a quorum of members were present or represented by proxies, and President Gayle Wood called the meeting to order.

Gayle gave the "State of the Church" address. She talked about our past locations and our search this year for a permanent home. After thanking the outgoing board for their work and dedication, she spoke of the involvement of our committee chairs, members and friends. Gayle was pleased to announce that nine new members joined MLUUC this past year. She presented a picture of a strong, determined, and financially-solvent church ready to tackle our challenges (See complete report attached).

Next, Treasurer Terry Woehr presented the proposed budget for fiscal year July 2016-June 2017; our total expenses are estimated at $30,045.00 and our projected income is $38,140.00. The congregation voted to accept the proposed budget.

Terry then presented the Profit and Loss Statement, which showed our income for the fiscal year (so far) to be $29,089, with expenses of $21,072. Our net income for May was $2749, and our total assets are $31,155. (Reports attached).

Helen Greene listed our proposed slate of officers for the upcoming 2106-2017 Board, and the congregation voted for the Directors-at-Large. The candidates for President, Treasurer and Secretary were unopposed. After Helen and Laura Burton tallied absentee ballots with today's ballots, the following members were elected: President-Gayle Wood; Treasurer-Terry Woehr; Secretary-Tom Norris; and Directors-at-Large-Ed Wolpert and Ann Low.

There was no further business before the congregation, so the annual meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Low, Secretary