Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church
Board Meeting of May 10, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Gayle Wood. Present were Gayle; Treasurer Terry Woehr; Secretary Ann Low; and Directors-at-Large Kathy Romanick and Kasey Castleberry. Minutes of the April 17, 2016 Board Meeting were approved as written.

Team Reports

Membership: Linda Kelly and Kasey Castleberry. Average attendance the period 4-10 through 5-1-16 was 37. Kasey reports that our core average (members plus friends) was 23.5.Linda Kelly has agreed to continue as the Lead of the Membership Team for the upcoming fiscal year.

We welcome Adrianne Corticelli as a new member, and we are encouraged by the responses of the Sturgis family and newcomer, Blenda Fairman. Gayle reminds us to make every visitor feel welcome by all of us greeting them.

Social Justice: Helen Greene. Diaper collection went well, and will be collected this week. This month's "Giving Tree" will benefit the Gilmer Co. Animal Shelter. Dog and cat food, treats, blankets and other items are needed.

Sunday Services: (see attached report) Bruce Wood has updated the list as of 5-9-16.

RE: (Kathy Romanick) There will be only one RE program in May; it's on May 22, 2016. RE will not meet in June, but will resume on July 10. Gayle and Jan Blaskay will assist with the May 22 program. Terry will help plan the July 10 program and will assist with it. Kasey will plan some programs, and he and Ann will help with some programs.

Communications Team: Kasey Castleberry (See attached report)

Geraldine was tardy with domain website payment and website was down about 24 hrs; everything is fine now. Geraldine has scheduled the hosting payment, due in June, to prevent another oversight.

Kasey said the team concept is not working as well as he'd hoped. He has set up a Pintrest account, and is hopeful about reaching more people with that.

Kasey offered to set up accounts for any board member who wants to help edit website, but any person can access the website without logging on.

Treasurer's Report: Terry Woehr (See attached reports) Our net income for April was $791.00, and net income for the fiscal year through April was $3887.86. We have total Equity of $28,220 as of April 20, 2016.

For the first quarter of the calendar year, $292.00 was placed in the Building Fund. The board voted to move birthday checks to the Building Fund at the end of this fiscal year.

The Norris family donated $800.00, which was used for the building inspection of our current church home.

Fellowship Baking: Lorraine Jones says that she has been frustrated by changes in RE schedule. Everything is back on schedule now.

Annual Meeting Plans: Gayle Wood will ask Lorraine to make a sign up sheet so we can have a balance of different foods for the breakfast before the annual meeting.

LIT: Ted Woehr has withdrawn from the ballot for a Director-at-Large position. The ballot is as follows: President, Gayle Wood; Treasurer, Terry Woehr or Ed Wolpert; Secretary, Tom Norris; Directors-at-Large (2 needed), Geraldine Barker & Lorraine Jones & Terry Woehr & Ann Low.

Gayle will make available proxy ballots for officers for members unable to attend the annual meeting; these ballots will be available on May 15 and 22. Members voting by proxy will be asked to vote for three people in order of preference for the 2 Director-at-Large Positions. At the annual meeting , the Director-at-Large nominees will be posted on the white-board and members will be asked to vote for 2. These procedures will ensure that Terry Woehr can run for an "at-Large" position if she is not elected Treasurer.

Helen Greene will be asked to help Samantha Davis count the ballots.

Budget: Gayle Wood. We have exceeded the proposed budget amount for the upcoming fiscal year with the pledges already submitted. The budgeted goal was $30,045 and amount pledged as of 5/10/16 is $32,340. Approximately 72% (18 out of 25) of family units have pledged. Terry will finalize the budget, and she and Gayle will present it to the congregation on June 5.

Old Business

Tails Creek Building: Ann Low reports that US Attorney Dahil Goss has contacted her about our building. Ms. Goss expects to have building ready for auction after the end of June. Goss stated that the previous landlord owed a mortgage of $109,000 to Key Bank Real Estate in Ohio. She said we should not anticipate getting the building for less than that amount. The US Marshal's service will pay the bank from funds received and will keep the remaining monies. She asked about a billboard sign that might be generating income for us now and in the future, and she asked where we were sending our rent checks. On the way to church tonight, Ann noticed that the only billboard was beyond the firestation; it was the Fairway sign Goss was seeking. It is not on our proposed property. Ann will contact Goss about the sign and the fact that we send our $800 rental checks to US Marshal's Service, % ISN, P.O. Box 34424 Bethesda, MD 20827.

Farmers Market Booth: Ann can get started on the booth plans in a few weeks. Fresh made food is allowed, so we can do a bake sale. Response from the congregation has been very good; many people have items to sell.

Amazon Smile Program: Kasey has not had a chance to investigate this yet; will do so soon.Adopt a Road: Kathy says speaker will address congregation this Sunday, May 15. Many Board members had concerns about the children's safety in participating in this project. We will need to find out from Keep Gilmer Beautiful if supervised children are allowed to participate.

New Business

Sandwich Sunday: Ann volunteered to be in charge, then everyone volunteered so quickly that she didn't have to do anything. Gayle: salad and ham. Terry: 1 lb meat and 1 lb cheese. Kasey: bread and condiments. Ann: veggie dish, dessert and potato salad.

Card Ministry: It was suggested that Card Ministry be mentioned when we celebrate "Candles of Community." Gayle will notify this week's service leader.

Penny Jar: Kathy asked us to consider giving the penny jar contents to a client of hers who owes about $250.00 for dental expenses. Kathy found a dentist who did the work pro bono, but he still had to pay $500.00 for items not covered; he has raised 1/2. He had to have work done in order to apply for a kidney transplant. The board voted to give him the penny jar contents. Kathy will bring this up in church to encourage last minute donations.

Mike Davis: Terry reminded us that member, Mike Davis, is scheduled for neck surgery tomorrow.Since there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Low, Secretary