Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church
Board Meeting - April 17, 2016

The Board was called to order by President, Gayle Wood. In addition to Gayle, Treasurer Terry Woehr, Secretary Ann Low, and Members at Large Kasey Castleberry and Kathy Romanick were present. The minutes of the March 13, 2016 Board Meeting were approved as written.

Team Reports

Membership: Linda Kelly reports that the average attendance for last 4 weeks was 33.

Outreach: Kasey and Ann volunteered to be involved in UUA's Outreach Program. We will announce the program at church to see who else wnts to be involved.

Social Justice: We agreed to support local animal shelters for the May Giving Tree. The diaper drive for April is progressing well.

Sunday Services: Bruce Wood has speakers booked through the end of this fiscal year.

RE: Kathy requested help with planning programs and says there is a need for teachers for the R. E. Program. She will be gone for 2 weeks in June, and Aimee Cribbs will be taking vacation, as well. The Board committed to helping in the following ways: Gayle will assist with the program on May 15; Kasey will research and plan some programs; Terry will explain the situation at church on April 24 and ask for volunteers; Ann will be assistant teacher when needed, and will gather activities for the younger group.

The R.E. students will be in charge of the Flower Communion on May 1.

Communications Team: See attached report from Kasey. Kasey reports that MLUUC2 (the members area) has been moved to our server: He has set up sites for us on Twitter, Google Plus and Pintrest, in addition to the new WordPress UUA-theme website, which will allow members direct access to input news. This website, also, allows people to subscribe to the newsletter on the site. Laura Burton continues to update Facebook, Geraldine Barker continues to publish the newsletter, and Gretchen Norris continues to provide information about MLUUC to the local newspapers.

Finance Committee: See "Pledge Drive" below.

Publicity: Gretchen Norris has nothing new to report.

Treasurer's Report: Terry reports that we had assets of $27,429 and net ordinary income of $1025.13 at the end of March 2016. Net ordinary income for our current fiscal year to date is $3096.86. See attached reports.

LIT: Samantha Davis reports the following people are running for office at our June 5, 2016 annual meeting: President, Gayle Wood; Treasurer, Terry Woehr & Ed Wolpert; Secretary, Tom Norris; Directors,Ted Woehr & Geraldine Barker & Lorraine Jones & Ann Low &Terry Woehr (if not elected Treasurer).

Old Business

Ann reports the only thing new regarding our bid for our present building is that someone in US Marshal's Office in Washington said that we could put in another offer if someone outbids our original offer. However, Gretchen is not entirely sure that this is true; she has bought property from a government entity, and the original offerer did not get a second chance. Gretchen, also, discovered that the Marshal's Office is still not through with the paperwork regarding the property. Ann has decided to wait to put in an unsolicited bid. Construction at the Low's barn is coming along and should be completed by end of May, if Church needs a home. Terry mentioned that C & S Bank. our current banker, has a meeting facility, called the Bobcat's Den, that might be available for temporary use.

New Business

Kasey discussed the new website: He suggested we all view the "site menu" and "congregational news." He addressed privacy issues, such as keeping personal email/snail mail address off the site, and the fact that we do not disclose any information given to us by members/friends. He said we must assume all sermons/articles on the website are copyrighted, and we must get permission for use.

The Board voted on and approved the terms and conditions of use and the website privacy policy for the new website.

Farmer's Market Booth: Ann explained the program and will find out when the Farmer's Market opens and their policy on homemade food. Response from Board and congregation was encouraging for this fundraising idea. The fee for the booth is $10.00 for the season (May through Sept.) and Ann has volunteered to pay it.

Pledge Drive: Gayle showed new fair-share leaflets from UUA. She will be sending a letter regarding the Pledge Drive to all members in a few days. She previously sent us all a time-line and the letter she will mail out. See attached. Gayle said we might need to tweak the budget based on based on the amount of pledges received. Kathy pointed out that there is not much room for tweaking.

Online Donations: Kasey will investigate the possibility of having a "donate" button on our website.

Fundraising Idea: Gayle wants to try the Amazon Smile Program; the Board authorized Kasey to research it and to set up an account for us.

Yukon Road Clean-up: Kathy will ask the city official in charge of volunteer road clean-up to come to speak with us on May 15; she will ask if children are allowed to help. The DeBruce children were enthusiastic about assisting with this effort.

Since no further business was brought before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Ann Low, Secretary