Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Board meeting minutes of Jan. 12, 2016
Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church

The meeting was called to order by President, Gayle Wood. Present were board members: Gayle Wood, Terry Woehr, Kathy Romanick, Kasey Castleberry, and Ann Low. Since all board members were present, there was a quorem. Also, Helen Greene, Judy & Jack Culler, Ted Woehr, and Bruce Wood attended. Kathy Romanick covered as secretary in Ann Lows's absence for Board Meeting of 12-13-15; her minutes were approved as written. Thank you, Kathy!

Team Reports

Membership: Average attendance for Dec. 2015 was 21.

Social Justice: Our members, Carol and David Johnson are the recipients of this month's "Giving Tree".

Any activities that will help with Carol's strength training, such as squeeze balls, are welcome, as are games, coloring books, and so on. Carol, especially, needs a humidifier.

Sunday Services: The schedule is booked until Feb. 14.

Religious Education: Kathy Romanick reports that we continue to have RE twice per month, with 12 enrolled children.

Treasurer's report: Net income for period July through Dec. 2015 was $1200.98. Net income for Dec. 2015 was $1501.00, and assets as of Dec. 31, 2015 are $25, 633.12.

Finance Committee: We discussed the continuing need for a finance committee for the purposes of budgeting, fundraising, and the pledge drive. Gayle Wood volunteered to be chairperson of the committee, and Kathy Romanick, Jack Culler, Helen Green, Terry Woehr, and possibly Mike Davis and any other interested people will be on the committee. The first meeting will be held on Wed, 1-20-16 at the Ellijay Public Library. Kathy will secure a room at the library for that date/time.

Communications Team Report: Kasey Castleberry reports that website and newsletter are doing well. He stated that we have unlimited free email accounts. He volunteered to take over monitoring incoming emails since Ann cannot do so.

Laura Burton is in charge of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We have 106 "likes" on Facebook, and 145 Twitter followers. Jack Culler asked Kasey Castleberry to invite today's speaker, Antoine Simmons, NAACP District 14 Director, to follow us on Social Media, since that will help us get the word out that we welcome diversity, and introduce us to more people hunting our kind of religious experience.

Advertising: Gretchen Norris is doing a fantastic job with our newspaper reports. She is still having a problem with people submitting info for the newspapers too late.

Ann Low suggested we contact Fannin County's newspaper to see if they will carry our ads at this time. When Carol Johnson inquired a few years ago, they would not let us list in their church section.

Kasey Castleberry mentioned that ETC will run free ads for community events; we should use them for our fundraising efforts.

Old Business

Search Committee: Ann Low and Gayle Wood presented info on Blue Ridge Church; there is an anticipated offer coming In on Mon. and there are sewage issues that will probably be very expensive. No one seemed interested in pursuing it further at this time.

Terry Woehr discussed the duplex on 515 North; her friend, Rodney Renner, a contractor will evaluate it in about 10 days. Several people will meet the realtor and see this property again tomorrow.

Jack Culler mentioned Gretchen Norris's concerns about the rental amount of the proposed new buildings. We must have it be affordable for the church and profitable for Ann Low and Ed Wolpert, the purchasers.

Soup Sunday: Next Sunday, Jan. 17, will be soup Sunday. Gayle Wood will bring a vegetable soup; Terry Woehr, a tomato basil soup, and Ann Low, a meat-based soup. Helen Greene will bring bread; Kasey Castleberry will bring a salad, and Kathy Romanick will bring dessert.

New Business

Pamphlets: Terry Woehr suggested we get new UU pamphlets when we move; cost is $7.00 for 25. Kasey Castleberry suggested Linda Kelly evaluate the stock we presently have.

UU Certification: Kathy Romanick has all info to submit except for number of "friends" that our congregation has. We decided to list only the 14 active friends.

We then voted on the Congregational Polls, which will be offered to the UU General Assembly. We voted "yes" to the following: 1) national conversation on race and equality; 2) corruption of our democracy; 3) climate change and environmental justice; and 4) ending gun violence in America.

Stewardship Blog for the Mid South Newsletter: This will be handled by the Finance Committee.

Mid South District Meeting: The meeting will be on April 2, 2016, with a March 28 deadline to register with the reduced cost of $30.00. Several people indicated a desire to go: Gayle Wood, Ann Low, Kathy Romanick, and Terry Woehr; they agreed they would not need church payment of the fees.

Ken Sizemore House Concert: Gretchen and Tom Norris are hosting a Ken Sizemore concert on Sat, Feb. 6, 2016 at their home. Suggested donations of $15.00 will benefit our RE program.

Easter Sunrise Service: Terry and Ted Woehr are graciously offering their home for the Easter Sunrise Service on March 27, 2016. More details to follow.

CDs: Ann asked if Board would consider cashing in one or both CDs in case of bidding war on present building or on another building. Board voted against that idea.