Fiscal Year 2015-2016


Mountain Light UUC Board Meeting 8-9-15

The meeting was called to order by president, Gayle Wood. A quorum was present, including Board Members: Gayle Wood, Terry Woehr, Ann Low, Kathy Johnson and Kathy Romanick. Helen Greene was present, also, to discuss the Social Justice Committee.

The minutes of the July 12, 2015 Board Meeting were approved.

Team Reports

Finance Committee: (See Addendum A for reports from Treasurer, Terry Woehr.) Since MLUUC used the security deposit in lieu of rent for June and July 2015, per landlord's direction, we now have no deposit on file. Net income for July was $406.65, and we have total assets of $23,938.79.

Membership Committee: (See Addendum B for Linda Kelly's report.)Average attendance for July was 36 1/2 people. Gayle has confirmed that September 20, 2015 will be our new member ceremony. She will talk with those who may be considering joining, to see if they want to participate in the ceremony.

Social Justice Committee: The Board voted to have Helen Greene assume total responsibility for the Social Justice and Giving Tree Committee, due to Lisa Haynes impending move. This change is effective immediately. The Giving Tree for August will assist teachers with necessities the School Board cannot afford.

Newsletter/website: There is a $94.89 fee due for annual web renewal; Terry was authorized to pay this fee.

Publicity: We discussed whether newspaper advertising was worth the cost. The Board voted to continue advertising with the Gilmer and Pickens County papers. Kathy requested that the R. E. program, which will henceforth be called Sunday School, be advertised as being for school age children. Carol will include that notation in the ads.

Sunday Services: (See Addendum C for Laura Burton's report.) Upcoming programs include: Water ceremony on Sept. 6, Ed Wolpert on Oct.18, Emerson UU Choir on Oct. 25, and Barry Whittemore returns on Nov. 15. Several members applauded Laura's success with this program, following in the tradition of those before her!

Lease: Our lease is now a 2-yr lease, extending through March 2017 of $800.00 per month. Rusty Beamon, our landlord, may be serving time in prison; checks are now being sent to his attorney, Paul Khansari.

Fundraising: Jack Culler has stated that he won't be able to lead this committee, due to his frequent absences. He got the committee organized though, and offered ideas about choosing fundraising effort and accounting for monies raised. The Board agreed to ask Samantha Davis to lead the committee.

Later Kathy suggested Gretchen and Tom Norris to chair or co-chair with Sam.Terry created an income/expense form to be used in tracking fundraising efforts.We discussed need for separate line item in budget for each fundraising event, and briefly discussed a few possible fundraisers. Kathy is willing to do a fall yard sale. Ann will contact cookbook printers to see if the congregational cookbook is still a viable effort.

R. E. Program: Kathy reports that she and Aimee have split the children into 2 groups: ages 5-8 yrs, and 9-17. They may need a craft/supplies budget and additional helpers in future; right now they need child-sized tables and chairs.

Old Business

Sandwich Sunday is this week: Carol and Dave are responsible for entrees for approximately 30 people. Other people volunteered the rest of menu. Church members will be asked to donate what they would spend for a meal out, or what they can afford. The request for $3.00 minimum donation was not making this a successful fundraiser. Carol suggested that whoever provide the entrée should be reimbursed by church, which everyone thought was a good idea.

Membership Sunday: New member ceremony will be Sept 20, 2015. Gayle will look for ceremony ideas from past, and Gayle, Carol and others will help put ceremony together.

Auto Deduction for Checking for pledges: Terry reported on info from bank; she'll explain process at church service and in newsletter. Anyone interested will contact Terry, who will give them our account and routing information.

Ruth House: Terry has contacted ___Church and will contact others so that this will be a united effort by several churches. We all felt this would give us more clout with the court system. She'll contact Helen Greene, also, as the Social Justice Chairperson may want to be involved.

New Business

UUA Gift Program: Board voted to give UUA at the recommended level of 7% of operating budget. For us, this amounts to $1480.00. Several members pointed out that UUA does things on a national/international level that we cannot do.

Musical Accompanist: With Lisa Haynes move, we need a new pianist for church services. The Board decided that the fairest way to find someone would be to hold auditions. Laura Burton, Daniel Elrod, and any others interested, will be asked to play after church.

[may be missing the end of the meeting]