Election Defenders Needed

The stakes are high. With voter suppression already more rampant than ever, and emboldened white nationalism moving through our streets and our government, we must show up to ensure people are able to vote freely and safely. Our partners at The Frontline are calling on people of faith to show up to support voters and defend democracy. 

How can you help? By becoming an Election Defender.

Unlike traditional poll watchers, Election Defenders will be working to provide safe supports for voting (such as PPE and water), election and voter defense, de-escalating right-wing voter intimidation tactics, and signalling to a network of groups and lawyers if and where trouble breaks out. 

Sign-up to be an Election Defender

UU the Vote is part of a united front effort with hundreds of other mass-member organizations to ensure free and fair elections.

Protecting the rights of people to vote in-person on November 3 means thousands of people signing up for different roles. Signing up today means you’ll have access to weekly training and a Slack channel, where our efforts can be coordinated around the nation. 

Together we have reached out to 1.4 million+ voters. Now we must show up to support voters at the polls. Sign up with other members of UU the Vote to be part of this united front. Join us today!

In faith and solidarity,

Nicole Pressley
National Organizer 

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