New Parking Area Completed

2019 OCT 25 – Yesterday, Mike Jones and Jason Robbins secured the railroad ties by staking them into the ground and installed orange netting along the embankment as a visual cue for where the parking lot ends. Kasey Castleberry (me) arrived late and barely got to help.

The gravel has been smoothed, and now the lot is ready for use. Assuming sensible spacing, approximately 12 to 15 vehicles can park in a semicircle along the perimeter.

Much thanks goes to Bruce Wood and Mike Jones in arriving at an agreement with our neighbor, Mike Duke, in securing this addition with no subtraction from our bank account, other than the cost of aforementioned safety measures installed yesterday.

Next will come landscaping and replacing/removing the Mountain Creek signage on the side of the building, previously covered by our worn-out vinyl sign.

Hope to see you this Sunday at Homecoming 20!

Jason Robbins and Kasey Castleberry putting in the final rebar stake.

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