Sunday Service 2019 MAR 17

On 2019 March 17, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church welcomes Pastor/Lord and High Priest David-Michael Searcy. His topic will be “In Prayer”.

Prayer is powerful, not a surprise for most, but now science is proving it! Neurotheologians, researchers who study the brain science behind religious and spiritual experiences, have brought Prayer into the laboratory. Prayer for me is finding that secret place to hear the gentle voice that guides the way, opening that sacred door that’s always ajar, that place where all are welcomed into the Holy Atmosphere where our spirits are reborn and every mind can be transformed. In Prayer, where everything is clear, we can find the strength to live and finally forgive. Amen and Blessed Be!

Pastor Searcy was introduced to several religious beliefs in his upbringing as a youth, which sparked his desire to study religion and spirituality. His ministry is infused with his Pentecostal roots, and with Wicca and Science of Mind, which he has studied and practiced for over 30 years. On 2011 November 26, he earned his Spiritual Practitioners License from the International Centers of Spiritual Living, and on 2017 October 14, he was elevated to the Rank, Title & Responsibilities of a Third Degree & High Priest, which is the highest Rank in the Wiccan Tradition. He serves with the Pastoral Staff of Spirit & Truth Sanctuary in Decatur GA and Grove of the Willow Wood Coven in Dahlonega GA. The core focus and joy of his ministry is to bring each individual he touches into the remembrance of their true inner Divinity and Beauty by assisting all with cultivating their personal love affair with Source and living their true Authentic Selves.

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