Our Faith Believes Survivors

Dear Mountain Light UU Church,

I am beyond outraged at what we have watched transpire in the Kavanaugh hearings. A man who has multiple allegations of assault should not be able to occupy the highest court in our country, especially not without even an investigation.

Tomorrow I am traveling to bear witness in Washington. Will you add your name to this growing list of Unitarian Universalists who oppose the nomination and believe the women? I want to take all of us who are for justice with me tomorrow and share your reasons why.

I have looked for a moral or faithful voice to bring but first and foremost I am speaking with a woman’s voice. This makes me so angry.

Like too many, I know what it is like to be blamed for your own harassment, to name it and have men do nothing but turn around and use it against us.

I know I am not alone in my outrage. I’m proud that our churches are places where young people learn healthy sexuality, learn consent, and learn the opposite of the abuse Kavanaugh is accused of and is so cavalierly dismissing. I’m heartened by the letter UU Women’s Federation signed on to.

And I believe we have to do more.

I do not believe a man should be able to lie his way to the Supreme Court or that we can let the GOP codify that sexual assault doesn’t matter with his nomination. Please sign here if you agree.

This confirmation is not a done deal; there are still nails we can put in this coffin. I am fighting my own moments of powerlessness to remind myself that we can stop this.

I will be strengthened tomorrow if those in the DC area can join the silent march as UU’s together and if I know that UU’s all around the country are calling their Senators, visiting offices, and doing what we must to be on the side of love, to believe women, to stop this lie from becoming the law of the land.

Our faith positions us uniquely in this moment to bear witness, to take action, and to speak out against what should not be and for what we are taught and what we embrace as our core values.

I believe Christine and the other survivors coming forward.

Please sign if you do too and call your Senators to tell them as well.

In faith,
Rev. Susan Frederick Gray

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