Sunday Service: 2018 July 15

For our Sunday morning worship service on July 15, 2018, Mountain Light Unitarian Universalist Church (MLUUC) in Ellijay welcomes a member of our congregation, Kasey Castleberry, to be our speaker.  The title of Kasey’s sermon is “Speak with Bravest Fire”.  He will discuss the point that though powerful oratory stirs us to emotional heights, it is not the words alone but also the deeds that follow which put promises into action that inspire. However, powerful words and great acts are essentially meaningless if Love is not the intent that guides them.

Kasey joined Mountain Light UUC in 2006.   Over the years with us, he as served in many different capacities: Communications Coordinator, Webmaster, the Newsletter Editor, Data Collector, Director of Sunday Services, Director at Large, and Vice President.

Kasey is a student of life who started UGA in the Fall of 1977 with enough credits that he should have graduated in three years or less. Instead, he could not decide on a major, moved to San Diego for five and half years, and finally earned a BA in Sociology from Georgia State University in 1994.  He studied religion and philosophy, as well. Kasey is a philosopher poet who practices Joy. He enjoys dabbling in languages, including those for website design, his current passion. And, he is a spherical relativist who believes that he creates his own reality.


Mountain Light, 2502 Tails Creek Road (GA-282 West), in Ellijay is a Welcoming Congregation.  We welcome guests of all faiths, ethnicities, and gender identifications.  Our coffee and fellowship begins at 10 AM, followed by the service from 10:30 to 11:30.

Our Religious Education is in recess for the summer.  Children are welcome to attend our services in the sanctuary.  For information about our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles and our future services, please go to

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